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Sufjan Stevens - The Ascension (New Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Consideration, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Yeah not sure this needed 12 minutes in the same way, for example, Venice Bitch blossoms and thrives over 9.
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  2. I think it’ll work well as a closer much better than it works as a single but we shall see. It’s not exactly Applause is it? (This sounds shady, I really do like it a lot nn)
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  3. It's Sufjan we're talking about. Of course it needed to be 12 minute long!
    Amazing track, got the chorus stuck in my head already.
  4. Nn I have now decided to hold off on getting an extra because I felt greedy, good luck girlies.
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  5. Also on the song length, it could have probably been 8 or 9 minutes but it’s not a Sufjan album without self indulgence so it’s fine, we stan a king who could probably self edit a bitsy.
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  6. rdp


    I feel like any expectation of indie artists going 'pop' with a new album is always bound to disappoint some people. But anyway the song is gorgeous.
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  7. This is totally gorgeous. I can't wait for the album.

    "I have worshipped. I have cried." - me looking at the photo of Sufjan from the last page.
  8. Whenever Sufjan incorporates “pop”, I feel like he sees facets of it without getting how it all works. Like the emphasis on production as opposed to songwriting, repeated phrases like yes these are all hallmarks of pop music but the best stuff thrives on good songwriting. I think this is interesting but it’s certainly not breaking new ground for him in terms of songwriting.
  9. Gorgeous song, and the production sounds really full around him. Is it the best use of 12 minutes? No. Should he have released a single edit of this today if he was jonesing for a 4th of July tie-in? Yes!

    Regardless, can't wait to hear how this sounds as an album closer.
  10. The last 2 minutes are like the moment you discover a sense of acceptance and clarity after that tumultuous grieving process you had to endure starting around 8:40.
  11. Yet to listen, but this man is the gift that keeps on giving. Can't wait to bask in all this glory.
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  12. Fuck. His vocal delivery.
    Fuck. The lyricism.
    Fuck. Crystal clear production.
    Fuck. That instrumental section.
    Fuck. The whole cinematic epos feel.

    Whew. He exceded my expectations... again.
  13. “Don’t do to me what you did to America” is such a powerful line
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  15. Unsurprisingly America is Pitchfork's Best New Track:

    The b-side My Rajneesh is also "out there"... somehow. I guess some store must have accidentally published it early alongside America. It's a very soft, acoustic and airy track in similar style to Carrie & Lowell (I'm only half way through listening so that might change).

    Edit - okay. Scalped. It switches gears quite dramatically, and turns into something reminiscent of Vesuvius from Age of Adz. I think I prefer it to America too.
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  16. America is really nice & deeply sad. Perched for more.
  17. I...don't understand the lyrics at all nn. Who the hell is the song directed toward? And what did they "do" to America?
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  18. I love this but I also really wouldn't mind an edit.
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  19. rdp


    Well it's Sufjan so most likely... God?
  20. It will take more time for it to sink in fully for me but this is gorgeous. I’m curious to see how this will fit in as an outro though.
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