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Sufjan Stevens - The Ascension (New Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Consideration, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Age of Adz 2: now with less nervous system issues.
  2. I’m gonna give this a few more runs and read the rest of the interviews before I issue A Take On The Album but first run through is that I both like it but it doesn’t feel vital. I will figure out if I still agree with that later.
  3. Video Game is the one.
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  4. It's fine. I like Run Away With Me a lot.

  5. [​IMG]

    It's definitely more interesting than I thought on my first run-through and giving the other interviews a read-through (the Guardian one being the best) has given me a better appreciation for what the idea is. I'd say my first go-around, I basically thought that this was what Age of Adz would be if he had coloured inside the lines as it were. And I do think that is still the case but it is a bit more fleshed out, with the string flourishes and guitar work, but many of the drum machine patterns and actual sounds are the same brushes he has painted with previously.

    I had joked previously but it is almost a sequel to Age of Adz in that both albums very much are more about a visceral crisis as opposed to Carrie's quiet crisis. Things coming to a head.

    For all his talk about commenting on the world's problems, it's a selfish record. Running away into a lover, into a medication (watch 911 on YouTube today) and into God (which regardless of his statements, still looms over him like a spectre, something I thought about a lot in the car. You can never really quite get away from it.) which is so interesting to me. How do you cope with the world ending? How do you cope with your world ending?

    @Stradiwhovius, you mentioned he uses pop music like a weapon and I'm not sure I quite agree or at least, I don't know whether he's skilled at it. It's interesting to see him be like, I need cliches to cope and talking about mixing high brow and low brow, and lowest common denominator lyrics to express deeper truths and while the production works in conjunction with the lyrics as like, intentionally distracting oneself from the apocalypse, I don't know whether the execution works as well as the idea. (This is also something I think concerning Gorillaz' Plastic Beach which is defined by excess as well and is wildly bloated and sure, yes, that academically works but as a listen, I don't think it quite works even if I like many of the songs individually.)

    I think the only time it ever quite works properly is the end of Tell Me You Love Me and Death Star / Goodbye to All That which, gagged. The girls love a transition!

    Anyways, the album could have ended at the title track and America still doesn't quite work for me but I guess I get why he had to get it out. My highlights are Atvian, Ursa Major, and Death Star / Goodbye to All That.

    All of this to say, it's still a great release! And I'll be spending a lot of time in it! A friend of mine joked today that being a Sufjan Stevens fan is a practice in being annoyed at what Sufjan Stevens is doing half the time, and I was like, yes and that's also the case of being a Gaga fan. But that's also the upside of it! If he did what I wanted all the time, he wouldn't be nearly as interesting to me.
  6. Gonna finally dive into this later. The Age of Adz comparisons have me perched but the album being 80 minutes has me a bit scared nn.
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  7. my hottest take is that Pheebs did the themes of this a bit better with Punisher but we'll see how I feel with repeated listens, not everything needs to be a contest etc.
  8. The album is great and it’s not a huge effort to sit and listen to music for 80 minutes. Like...that‘s what I do everyday anyway.
  9. Awesome quote.
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  10. rdp


    Welp, the title track hit me hard today. Took me a few listens but I'm starting to love this album.
  11. Apart from the 'call me by your name' soundtrack and a few others ... (Alexa what is The Politicians theme song?... oh right?) I'm not really aware of his catalogue.

    This is his first album I've listened to and I really like. I've had it on Friday evening, last night with a glass of red and now again this morning whilst pottering.

    It gives me Bjork vibes.. like post/homogenetic production... is this in a similar style to his other albums.

    Any suggestions for the next album to follow this with please?
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  12. I kinda agree, especially in the first half, but I'd say it reminds me more of Vespertine's microbeats and cosy, intimate atmosphere.

    Despite its subject matter (or maybe because of it?), Carrie & Lowell is his most instant and accessible and is widely considered to be one of his best (if not the very best).
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  13. Red wine or not this morning while pottering?
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  15. I cancelled my pre-order of the vinyl. On repeat listens, I just don't think this is an album I'd ever throw on in full dddd.

    I love Run Away With Me & Tell Me You Love Me, but most of the album just reminds me of the parts of The Age of Adz I enjoyed least.

    I don't think this is a bad album, I just don't think it's something I'll find myself completely loving.
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  16. 'Goodbye to All That' is my highlight at the moment. It's a good album - although I think a few of the songs do go on a bit.
  17. It's funny cause I totally understand where you're coming from but I had the opposite feeling. I can't wait for my preorder to show up cause this is the type of album I enjoy listening to in full. Of course there are stand out songs, but overall the album takes me on such a journey. I'm also a big Age of Adz stan so that might explain the difference
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  18. HMD


    I listened to it in full today. Maybe a little dense on first listen, but I’m definately returning to it to see what happens after repeated plays.
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