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Sufjan Stevens - The Ascension

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Consideration, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. I see Sufjan getting mentioned every now and then on here so I thought that there might be a need for a general discussion thread for his music and looks.

    Oh and I wanted to post somewhere that I am listening to The Transfiguration and it's doing things to me.

    Feel free to discuss.
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  2. 'For The Widows In Paradise...' never fails to make me bawl my eyes out. Love him.
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  3. My husband!

    I've been on a Sufjan kick lately - particularly I've had "Age of Adz" on repeat. "Futile Devices" and "All For Myself" hit me so hard.

    So, Stereogum recently posted a Drake/Sufjan mashup album, which I don't like at all. BUT, buried within the article is a Drake/Sufjan fanfic that is kind of hilarious and now I low key ship them?
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  4. Impossible Soul is like, one of the greatest piece of music ever created. Mozart who?
  5. Get Real Get Rating: The Sufjan Rate will open #soon in like 6 months probably.
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  6. I honestly can't wait for this yes!
  7. Didn't realize he didn't have a thread! I used to hammer Illinoise back in the day, and I really liked Carrie & Lowell. My parents were liking the sound of it until I told them what it was about, ha.

    Lately I've actually been going back to Seven Swans for some reason.
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  8. I had a bit of a scream at this.
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  9. Sign me up!

    I used his earlier stuff the most, particularly Michigan and Illinois.
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  11. Sufjan writing songs for gay love story movie... it makes perfect sense no?

    Also director of this movie was responsible for I Am Love which was incredible so I'm thrilled.
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  12. That's exciting! I was hoping when I saw this thread bumped that it'd be something related to new music, so I'm happy about this. Sounds like a perfect match!
  13. Yes, please! I'm always here for new Sufjan music. (The cast for the movie, though...)

    Anyway, this man is something else. Bless his heart.

  14. If I can just ask you a question, please; I'd would really, really like to be properly prepared for this, how many albums/EPs etc. are you including in the rate?
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  16. Interesting...
  17. I've kinda been struggling thinking of what to include because I know he's already sort of niche on PJ, so I want it to seem as welcoming as possible.

    At the moment these are for definite:
    - A Sun Came! (15 tracks + 2 bonus)
    - Michigan (12 tracks + 5 bonus)
    - Seven Swans (12 tracks + 2 bonus)
    - Illinois (14 tracks + 1 bonus)
    - All Delighted People EP (8 tracks)
    - The Age of Adz (11 tracks)
    - Carrie & Lowell (11 tracks)
    (this is after removing any instrumentals shorter than 3 minutes)

    93 tracks.

    I'm torn on Avalanche because it throws in another 16 tracks to the mix. The Christmas EPs would be way too much. The instrumental albums never really feel Sufjanesque. The random cut offs might be tricky too, but then we'd miss out on amazing tracks like You Are The Blood.

    I'm thinking of doing a pre-rate round where people pick one song not included already, gives me an idea of how many people are interested and means we might get some surprise picks too.

    It's all still up in the air, so any suggestions would be appreciated!
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  18. He's kind of sort of announced a new album, the recordings of his "Planetarium" collaboration (with maestro Nico Muhly and one of the The National's Dessler brothers where's that fucking album, guys) are finally being released:

    It was technically made years ago but it all got held up because of Sufjan's C&L tour.
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