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Sufjan Stevens - The Ascension

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Consideration, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. I'm definitely intrigued! I liked Aporia even if I haven't gone back to it regularly, and Sufjan's releases will always have my attention - but I won't pretend I'm not disappointed that it isn't shaping up to be something I feel I'd enjoy more. But I'm one of the few that really enjoyed The Ascension and still play it often so it's no bother.

    The full "Meditations" volume is out Thursday, with the remaining 4 volumes being released weekly until May 6.
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  2. This also answers the question of why he seemingly abandoned The Ascension upon its release. It’s right up there with favorite Sufjan albums and has really been the perfect companion to life in lockdown for me
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  3. "Meditations", the first volume of the "Convocations" album, will be premiering in full on YouTube shortly:


  4. There were some pretty nice elements throughout the piece! I loved the electronic flourishes in places and hope as this progresses into the "Celebration" volume that this might be a bigger influence. I still don't think this is something I'll return to, but listening each week as each volume premieres will be enjoyable.



    Vinyl pre-order open now:

    US -
    UK/EU -



    "Lamentations II" out April 12.
    Full "Lamentations" premiere April 15.
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  5. Good for him but I'm gonna pass.
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  6. Well I listened today and I found it hard to distinguish from all the instruments Spotify playlists I play for study music
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  7. It was perfect to throw onto the work playlist here at the spa.
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