Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

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This is a setlist for Bristol so maybe there's a tiny chance other dates will have slightly different setlists?
My only complain is Flowers if im honest. I get why they performed it on summer festivals but id imagine most fans would prefer stuff like New Year, Run For Cover, Shape, In the middle or any bigger single really.
The slower section is going to kill us all.

One thing that grabs my attention, we don't really have any new imagery for this tour. No new photoshoot to be featured in the merchandise. It's all reduced to using mostly the One Touch cover or font.

I wonder if there is a tour programme to buy?
Seriously Red Dress? This comes as a very big surprise, I‘m also curious to know how they came up with and decided to do 2 Hearts, it‘s just so very random. Would‘ve been cool to see and hear more from One Touch there, Look At Me, Don‘t Wanna Wait, Sugababes On The Run, now imagine that haha!
Setlist looks fine. All the hits, a couple of deep cuts for gays, Flowers/About You Now for Becky in HR.

I'd eat glass to hear Run For Cover live but, honestly? I've waited a decade for this so whatever they want to sing I'm going to give them cash and be grateful they exist.
The setlist is a bit short. Where is Run For Cover?!
Red Dress is a nice surprise and I can't wait to hear 2 Hearts live!
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