Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

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Belated post after a whirlwind time in London. It's hard to perfectly summarise just how good it all was, but the entire show weird B-Stage sound and occasional bass levels aside was fantastic, and I about lost my shit to "Lush Life". The transition for "Run For Cover" to MNEK's part was overdue, but I think there needs to be some sort of reverse cymbal or something to smooth out the switch—but whever, when the coda happened, it got all clubby and intense in the best way possible. "Shape" was beautiful, "When the Rain Comes" was beautiful, just beauty everywhere. They were all in peak form vocally, their band is still the best thing that's ever happened to them, and from where I was, everyone around me was having an amazing time.

To get the whinging out of the way, I'll echo that the meet & greet at the O2 was sort of a hot mess and felt insanely rushed. There really should have been a cap on the amount of people, and/or the scheduling should've been rethought. I'm grateful for my time with them last year, otherwise I think this would have been rather crushing.

And what we're going to do is ignore the fact that, unedited, that is one of the worst photos ever taken of me (in a karmatic consequence of choosing not to submit anything for the "Ugly" PowerPoint)—but praise be to the universe for the ability to remove shirt wrinkles, fix a collar, redo lighting, cry, and lose so much fidelity by putting it through a Polaroid printer so as to resemble a human again in the form of frameable ~aesthetic~.


That said, they kindly signed my last year's photo, Keisha enthusiastically remembered me, Mutya did a trademark cackle, Siobhán touched my also-red hair and said, "nice colour!" (elle-o-elle)—so all in all, we all had a very lovely thirty seconds of being pushed through as they were losing steam, ha.

Ran into many wonderful people from here (@chrisjche, @Holly Something, @acl, @kal, @Madaboutmusic, @Lapras, @Blayke, @G-J), bonded with many others not on the forum, and also saw Cravendale Ambassador Kimberley. Oh and the DJ was pretty good and Shygirl's performance shall be stricken from the record (but points for the pole dancer).

I'm so happy to have gone, and moreso elated that the Sugababes had the opportunity to celebrate this journey into a new era.
Last edited: Im in awe. They looked and sounded stunning. Thoughts:

*Flatline remains one of my favourite Sugababes songs. Absolute perfection live. Siobhan is an angel.

*When the rain comes finally clicked with me. They sounded gorgeous and it already sounds like a classic Babes song.

*Flowers… on the other hand… never clicked with me, and tonight won’t change that. Got my drinks during that song oop-

*Stronger, Red Dress, Too lost in you live were pure bliss. It was surreal hearing these songs live.

*The girls were definitely looking like they were totally enjoying themselves on stage. The crowd went wild during Freak like me, Push the button, Overload, Round Round and About you now.

*Today was just amazing. The lost tapes remains an amazing collection of songs, despite its obvious flaws.

All in all - a 10/10. I fucking love these girls.
Tonight was absolutely perfect and brought a tear to my eye. Following this band for over 2 decades, having so many personal memories through my teens, twenties and now thirties with them. And to see them thrive so vividly in my home town in my favorite venue from the front row was just the perfect thing
Also: slight setlist change where the new single was the show closer before the encore which to me made more sense as a more singalong vibey song and have the encore be absolute bangers. This way it landed better and they were able to really emphasize that it was the new single.

Here’s a bit of Too Lost in You which just shows how vocally amazing they are right now. The crowd was so loud in their applause that at one point the girls were completely taken aback by it and just stood there in awe. And that’s so deserved.
Not me singing along to Today and Flatline like a true peasant whilst all the locals were silenth. Tonight was amazing and probably one of the most wholesome shows I’ve ever seen. Legends.
I had the same on the front row and also for the new single. Can’t imagine how Two Hearts would have gone down.

(Also the exit survey from the audience was clear: lots of people bummed In The Middle was skipped. )
It was and they said so themselves. Bizar shift after just seeing them in an arena last Friday.

Enjoy everyone who’s going tomorrow.
There was a moment where you could see Siobhan and Keisha just take in the atmosphere of the venue and be amazed by it. That was so cute.

And agree, I feel absurdly lucky to have witnessed Paradiso, the O2, a festival and the Garage in one year. Their set and music works but hits different in each setting.
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