Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

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I had the same on the front row and also for the new single. Can’t imagine how Two Hearts would have gone down.

(Also the exit survey from the audience was clear: lots of people bummed In The Middle was skipped. )
How early were you to be that close?
I am not surprised. Sugababes always were cool to like, their catalogue is mostly bulletproof and many editors are the right age to remember that perfectly. Them being stunning live obviously helps and I don't want to downplay their success to nostalgia. It is absolutely well deserved.

I am still riding high on Too Lost In You and Shape live. Plus Lush Life. LUSH LIFE. Literally the second Sugababes song I ever heard thanks to it being on the Overload single here. Didn't instantly liked it but it grew and grew.

The O2 gig was so fantastic.
Can't believe I'm going to Madrid on purpose for the Babes. Shouting through the time-space continuum to tell my 3-year-old self replaying the CD-R mixtape my dad and brother made with Hole on the Head as the first track

Now, were there two versions of Ace Reject or am I imagining things? I remember listening to the album re-issue and thinking the song is longer.
Yes. The Full-Length version found on the album(s) proper and the promo sampler edit. The latter is horrible, cuts Mutya’s verse and structures the song like a traditional song.

I’d really love it if they did “Follow Me Home” and a full “In The Middle”, the 2023 arrangement of the latter was a moment even if it was a shortened version.
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