Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

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So after tonight they only have the Dubai gig announced for the rest of the year. I’m thinking they’re going to be working on the new album.

What a great year of live performances for our girls. The Australia tour, European dates, all the festivals, the Brits gig, Mardi Gras, the rugby half-time show, the intimate shows like Sephora, Soho House and Boiler Room, and (of course) headlining The O2.

So excited for what we’ll get in 2024 when there’s a new album to promote and perform!
I'm worried that maybe people here in Spain (and as part of a festival like the one they are performing at) don't know their songs so well... but I would love if I'm surprised about it tonight.
In fact, according to Spanish Charts none of the albums or singles ever charted in Spain, but that also gives them the opportunity to make a lot of new fans.

Also, they are going for a very particular audience that are used to discover international artists online, so I wouldn't be worried.
I was very surprised by the reaction they got. I only remember them promoting One Touch in Spain in 2001 and effectively, Overload got the biggest reaction, possibly followed by Push The Button, Too Lost In You, Round Round and About You Now. I was attending with a friend that isn't a fan and she only knew these 4/5 songs but still had a great time.
Stats from the piracy era majorly, majorly LIE babes. Their audience didn't buy the music but they consumed it via video music channels, youtube, CDRs, compilation albums etc.
I think Spanish people knew the songs because they were part of Los 40's playlist (plus MTV's and VIVA's for those who had "satellite" channels).

Their CDs were available in El Corte Ingles, Tiendas Tipo, etc. but most part of guys buying CDs weren't much interested in those albums, just the singles and the added promo (Too Lost In You as part of the "Love Actually" soundtrack or "Shape" because it sampled a Sting song).

In my case, I bought their discography on Besides the "Overload", "Freak Like Me" or "Round Round" cd singles, I didn't remember the CDs being distributed here in Spain.
A few stories out today in the S*n and M*il about the girls turning down a documentary (with only one former member, whose name doesn't start with A or J agreeing, allegedly).

It does take me back to the question on whether there might be something in the works. The gig was heavily filmed (too heavy just for screens), they had a full dance troupe for Rain (despite there being no obvious plans for promo), and you can see a steady cam following them backstage in insta footage. Plus I still think being offered one headline show at the O2 would make more sense if it were part of a bigger plan (and therefore supported/funded by a production company).

Plus, not unlike the 'bidding war' stories, these things don't just magically appear in the tabloids.
They are headlining clubnight False Idols at new London venue space Drumsheds (a massive former IKEA dd) on 2nd December.

It's in the middle of nowhere and a nightmare to get to so I'll be passing on this, but it's nice they're staying booked and busy.
Wild they're at that line-up. They really work on reaching different audiences.

Shygirl again. She didn't go down to well at O2 I think. I enjoyed it, but people around me were underwhelmed.
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