Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

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They were superb last night.

There was no doubt that their voices were going to be spectacular, but I’d kind of forgotten how many massive singles they’d released. I would’ve liked to hear ‘Run For Cover’ and ‘No Regrets’ as well, but the setlist was generally really strong.

Seeing their personalities and chemistry up close was a real moment for me. Mutya just radiates joy and is so chilled - she predictably missed a cue at one point (*cryinglaughingemoji*) but she was living for the crowd interaction. Siobhan is the orator who, even though she’s incredibly down-to-earth and charming, can’t help but let the “ethereal” slip out at moments. She also winked at me. Keisha is the studied professional, the glue that binds them, the driving force. Her vocals in particular blew the roof off when she was belting - just incredible.

They were everything I’d hoped they would be. Only regret not getting a meet and greet.
On the topic of meet & greet requests, if the other Siobhan solo stans want to make mention of our wish for a solo show I think it would go a long way to making it happen!

Found these two gems in my camera roll from the Liverpool show.

Wow. What. A. Show! I’ve really never experienced anything like that. The ladies were on fine, fine form (of course). Those harmonies. Every single song went off live. Those harmonies! The band were incredible! Those harmonies!

I wasn’t disappointed when I saw the set list (mainly because they’d included Love Me Hard), but I loved it even more tonight. I don’t agree there’s a lull in the middle and it never felt like the crowd were losing interest at any point. And that’s probably down to them really selling the hell out of these songs. You can just see how much they love not only performing these songs, but love performing with each other. There’s genuine friendship on that stage and I loved watching it.

Also, the Brighton crowd were just incredible! And you also can see how much the crowd response means to them. I liked Siobhan mentioning how she loves seeing people sing along to Today (which just sounds even better live than I could have imagined).

I can’t wait to see them next week for the Meet and Greet.

I’m not even going to be a favourite moment because the whole show was phenomenal from start to finish. I’m so happy they’re finally back and so excited for what’s to come next. As Sugababes fans we really won!
Love Me Hard is such a great song, I really really hope that they're going to release a new studio album soon and include some updated unreleased tracks from the MKS era, I could even see Love Me Hard getting a proper single treatment, it's really that good and the GP has never heard any of the MKS tracks anyways so it would be like serving a new song.

It's so great to see the original, and imho the "real", Sugababes back together. I was also a fan of 2.0 and I do think their (all lineups included) second album is their strongest one, and eventhough I always appreciated Heidi, it really feels like they lost a bit of their soul without Siobhan (whom btw is amazing on her own as well, both of her solo albums are stellar work that deserved so much better).
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I think one of the greatest things about MKS/1.0/Sugababes is their ability to recognize their innate talent within three-part harmonies, and that this tour incorporates such a strong (hinting) understanding of songs from their exhaustive discography that can adapt to 1.0's abilities. Did anyone ever imagine hearing Siobhan on "2 Hearts", of all songs?! Like...if anything, this tour bodes well for their future outings. If they can surprise us with these few gems, imagine the next production that uses this as a blueprint?
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