Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

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Ugh I'm so relieved that they're continuing performing and showcasing their beautiful voices.

Ugh in More Ways because I live all the way in Hawaii, discovered them in 2006, devastated when Keisha left, happy the *originals* rejoined, sad they halted, and now I will most likely never ever see them in person.

Live for me gays. Live for me.
Story time from me - sorry if this is long! The Bournemouth gig was absolutely amazing and definitely worth all the international travel and bad timing with work! I had goosebumps during some of the songs just from the sheer talent, beautiful vocals and band arrangements.

So I actually managed through some luck and very nice people to get into the Meet and Greet, and the girls were so friendly. I was surprised how long they spent with each person! I got to tell Mutya how important it was to grow up seeing her as an Asian popstar in the Western music scene, something that is still unfortunately VERY rare. I told Siobhan about how "Run For Cover" converted me into a fan and how beautiful she sings the songs she wasn't in the lineup for. I asked Keisha how she was doing and she told me her voice was definitely starting to feel the wear from the tour, and I acknowledged how huge her adlibs are and mentioned that the "Too Lost In You" ones are my favorite, and she joked "well no pressure then!" They all seemed very thankful that I traveled from NYC and also very surprised that their music did quite well in Hong Kong in the 2000s. My meet and greet pic is a little awkward, though I will still post it - no one gave me the memo that they don't like to smile with their teeth, so I look WAY too happy!

The Big shoutout to the lovely Italian friends that chatted to me through the M&G and screamed songs with me during the show, and of course, I got to meet and stand near the lovely @Blayke! I agree with whoever said that seeing their little smiles and winks at each other made the whole experience feel really warm, and they really are just having a great time up there. I had some fun moments with each member, but my favorite was probably Keisha spotting me singing the "I know..." adlib from "Overload" and then singing "do you know...?" while pointing at me and me getting to scream "YES I KNOW!!" right back. I tagged them all in an Insta story clip of "Today" after the show, and not only did Mutya and Keisha repost it but Siobhan actually sent me a really nice DM thanking me for coming and that she enjoyed seeing me sing along.

After being a fan since the early 2000s, I am so grateful that I've finally seen them live - that's a BIG tick off my concert bucket list. I was definitely a little overwhelmed during it so very glad I'm going to the London show as well in a few days - hope to meet some of you there!
Did anyone receive their meet and great pics yet from late last week? I went to Brighton but still no sign in the mail.
Did I just book a meet and greet for Glasgow?

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