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Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mr.Arroz, Oct 3, 2022.

  1. Once again, their tour was so good.

    Viva la Sugababes. Viva la megababes.
  2. You’re the best! My face on these pictures… LOL
  3. I had a great time last night! The harmonies were next level, so happy they’re back and able to go on this tour.
  4. Is anyone else going to Birmingham tonight? Can’t wait to see them!
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  5. If there would be any Meet and Greet resale, if even possible, where would you find it?
  6. Me! So excited. Going alone though so if anyone wants to say hey, feel free
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  8. They were really good last night!
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  9. What time do they come out at?

    Seeing them tomorrow at Hammersmith but don’t finish work until 7…in Hackney! Gonna be a mad dash over there, friends will already be there.
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  11. kal


    Around 9 - 9:15.
  12. Train strikes in Scotland this weekend are causing me havoc! Also majorly inflated hotel prices, wtf!
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  13. Amazing time last night seeing them in Cardiff.

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  14. It sounds like the band are having a lot of fun the further the tour goes in, too. I'm noticing lots of extra little flourishes and stuff put in on the videos from different shows. Kings!
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  15. I hope the girls keep this band. The band and the girls really compliment one another and ooze chemistry.

    I also feel the band get the girls , their music, and know how to take it to new levels (which is rare).
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  16. They started booking festivals for 2023, seem to get along amazing and really celebrate the legacy of one of the biggest girlgroups Europe ever had - even if it’s just for some random shows now and then I am confident they‘ll stick around.
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  17. ADM


    I read it and had this answer first too but I think the OP originally meant the live band they have on tour with them, who are, as they said, brilliant with them.
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  18. Even putting wanting Siobhan versions of some of the classics aside, these live arrangements are so good they ought to do a live EP.

    The rockier About You Now mix screams TikTok smash.
  19. I would love a live EP.
  20. They were fantastic last night. The whole thing has come together beautifully and they sound absolutely heavenly. I knew Keisha had pipes but bloody hell she owned it last night. They just ooze confidence and are so very cool. They seem to have recaptured what was so attractive about them as a band the first time. And what a back catalogue. I pray to the pop gods that they are planning some new material. The MKS stuff they played sounded fantastic. The huge reaction to the comeback has got to make them think there is a market it for it.
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