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Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mr.Arroz, Oct 3, 2022.

  1. Thanks, all! A friend just confirmed the same for me re: cloakroom, but also that it's apparently quite a small one. I'm annoyingly unable to leave anything at work, so have just booked a nearby locker to be safe.
  2. Cloakrooms at gigs are generally best avoided unless absolutely necessary. I think I queued for the best part of an hour the time I used the Roundhouse one. Never again.
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  3. Birmingham last night was insane! I’d already seen the show in Nottingham but was quite far back. I was right at the front and honestly they were brilliant. It was packed too.
    To see them interact with each other and just enjoy the stage they are sharing with each other is a joy. You can really tell that they are thoroughly enjoying the tour.

    The Meet and Greet was also fab. They are so friendly and put you right at ease. It was much busier than the Nottingham one but they still gave you as much time as they could!

    Can we also mention again about them performing 2 Hearts. A song that I’ve always loved from the Taller In More Ways album but never expected them to perform live.
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  4. They were AMAZING last night!! They are such a force to be reckoned with and we need more music from them!

    I loved them all, but Mutya seemed to be living her best live, doing little impromptu dances and mouthing along with the others’ lines all night.
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  5. Was Vernie from Eternal in charge of the cloakroom?
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  6. I’ve not seen them live since the Sacred Three tour so tonight is going to be extra special. Bring on the merch!!
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  7. By the way, do we have any idea on attendance numbers for the arena shows? Would just be interesting to see if they managed more than London.
  8. Cardiff/Nottingham had a bunch of tickets put through NHS freebie ticketing sites in the end so can't really compare, though they seemed to be the only dates that struggled a bit which is impressive given the length of the tour and the fact they've no new material out.

    London is 3500ish capacity and sold out pretty much instantly.
  9. kal


    Manchester Apollo is the same capacity, and that sold out too. It was packed.
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  10. Have they spoken anymore about today being put on streaming?
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  11. Does anyone know roughly what time they come on? Trying to work out what time to get there for.
  12. Just after 9pm.
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  13. Nottingham was around 3000 tickets according to the steward I spoke to, but whether that includes the ones for NHS I don’t know (I’d imagine so?)
  14. The UEA centre in Norwich has a capacity of 1550 I think, and it was bloody rammed in there.
  15. Anyone know how 02 priority works? I bought the tickets but not with them myself. My friend is, does it do anything?
  16. You should just need to download and show the o2 priority app. Sometimes you'll be asked to click the 'o2 academy venue" part specifically also but not always
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  17. I am absolutely buzzing for tonight’s show. I’m more excited for tonight’s show (my last) than I was for my first. It’s going to be an absolute rager. Seeing “SUGABABES” splashed across the front of Eventim Apollo feels right. I believe the girls too are incredibly excited to be performing in their hometown of London. Not long now!
  18. Whaaat, who does that and why? Was he telling anyone or just doing it for himself?!
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  19. My fave cloakroom moment was a Dsquared party in Mykonos where they had two russian models in charge, way too high on charlie - when we tried to leave my hudband's belt was missing along with my shirt which included out apartment key (it was a party to launch their underwear so you had to wear the underwear that was in the invitation to the party and nothing else dd). 'Oops sorry we give to other gay!'. Queens.
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  20. So excited for London tonight! Literally my fave girl group ever. Insane talent!

    Also, they may have even sold circa 5,000 tickets in London as this show is standing downstairs not seated. Rather impressive.
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