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Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mr.Arroz, Oct 3, 2022.

  1. Can't believe I have to miss the show tonight due to testing positive for Covid (after avoiding it all this time!) I hope I'll be able to see them perform one day.
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  2. I wouldn't complain if the Tour became a live EP on streaming platforms.

    The dodgy MP3 of Red Dress has been on the loop since their first show.
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  3. Have a great time everyone! I almost was going to be there tonight but a couple of things didn’t align. What a great show to go to! Enjoy!
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  4. Untouchable! No others will come close.

    Yes, I had a great night.
  5. W2K


    Amazing. Best girl group ever. I particularly loved 2 Hearts, Today and Love Me Hard. Round Round went off.

    About You Now should be left to 3.0, it’s my favourite Sugababes song but this felt a little karaoke to me sorry! The band hammered it though
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  6. Highlight of the show, couldn’t pick one. If anything I would say the MKS songs were my favourite
  7. That was absolutely amazing, safe to say they ripped the roof off the O2! Could potentially be the loudest crowd I’ve ever been in!
  8. Incredible gig, out of the three I attended the crowd were by far the best.

    The sound, however, was not good. Most of the talking was inaudible and I was at the front.
  9. Second this, Keisha may as well have had her mic switched off when talking.
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  10. What an absolutely WILD gig. I knew Glasgow wouldn’t disappoint. And the babes were phenomenal.

    See you’s all in Polo
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  11. Agreed. It's not the first time I've noticed issues with the sound at the Academy and Keisha in particular suffered - even when belting out her ad libs on Stronger she was almost impossible to hear.

    That aside - what a show.
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  12. The atmosphere tonight was electric! The girls brought it and you could tell they were feeding off the audience!

    I agree with all who have said about the sound issues, Keshia’s mic was terrible and at time I couldn’t even hear her lines which is such a shame!
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  13. I was trying to channel a Siobhan energy, my friend has just said however that it looked more like I was channeling Michael Myers but I’m actually glad with how the photo turned out. My friends face is scribbled out purely because I don’t want to just put her face up places without her knowledge.


    Keisha doesn’t like it, to put it simply! I brought that fact up, saying “I’ve got a bone to pick with you!” in an obviously joking way and Mutya was basically like “see? He thinks it’s amazing!” Keisha thinks it goes on a bit too long, she said Siobhan has said she’ll take her verse. This then led to an argument about not liking Red Dress and Ace Reject (which they even sang a part of!!). Mutya said it’s 2v1 so Keisha’s opinion doesn’t matter.

    Also found out Mutya didn’t even realise Bananarama had recorded Love In Stereo until a while after, which is just… iconic.

    The whole meet and greet was just incredible. I need a night to gather my thoughts properly.
  14. They were incredible at both Edinburgh and Glasgow, but meeting them tonight and being at the front was so special. They were all so lovely in the Meet & Greet and Mutya sang part of Overload right at me.

    The show is so well put together, they are an absolute force on stage… Siobhan is a true star that I’m so happy to see get her flowers, and Mutya and Keisha both seem to be having so much fun with it. It will be a crime if we don’t get more music from this trio and more tours with the opportunities for them to bring out more Sugababes deep cuts, I have a list as long as my arm I want to hear.
  15. I hope the next tour they perform “Follow Me Home”.
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  16. Mutya is just a goddess. Siobhan is so effortlessly cool and likeable, and Keisha was absolutely radiant.

    It was so, so good. What a night.
  17. A fantastic show. I would have liked more from the debut album. I know I’m probably the only one who wanted to hear it but I fucking love New Year and would love to see it live someday.
  18. New Year is one of the group’s best songs. Who wouldn’t want to see it performed live?!
  19. The middle section needed Run for Cover along with Stronger I think. But my goodness that opening 15 minutes just absolutely smacks you round the face. Wow.
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