Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

I can’t wait for Melbourne!

I really want to get onto the floor but apparently it’s a free for all General Admission ticket, how early do you think we will have to get there to get the floor?
I read that Cher performed at the Mardi Gras after party a few years ago and only did 4 songs, so guess it won’t be a long set?

Yes. They usually only get 20-30 minute sets @ Mardi Gras.

George Michael only performed one song - Outside - and he was so wasted/high - that he was only on-stage for 1/2 the song.

If you're in Sydney and want to see them, the concert at the Enmore will be a 90 minutes concert.
That interview was a lovely read! Particularly this bit:

Mutya: For me it’s pretty simple, my daughter’s nearly 18. So I’m hoping our days and months and years get really busy.

Keisha: When Mutya had (daughter) Tahlia, it was at the height of Push the Button (success). The schedule was busy, and it was dictated to us by everyone around us. Going into it this time around, it has to work around our lives. And with music, there is no real ‘stop’ – it’s just when you feel like making a record. The Rolling Stones are still going at 80! I don’t see why we ever need to stop.
The bookings keep coming! Love to see it. Just wish they would announce something in Belfast or anywhere in Northern Ireland. Or even Dublin at a push. The festival they are doing in Waterford is one of the most inaccessible parts of the country in terms of transport. Plus the festival is so expensive (and not a great lineup otherwise) to just see the Sugababes set for 40 minutes.
I'm interested in going to the Wolverhampton gig. Booked a hotel just in case I feel like booking for it.

It's wonderful to see the girls being so busy and have lots of things in the pipeline. They must feel so great to have all these gigs coming in, and the warm reception they've received.
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I keep listening to Victory imagining it as a setlist opener, it’s almost like it was designed for it. The slow build to the triumphant chorus, delicious.