Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

It’s interesting that there is nothing planned for March and April at this stage. Wonder if it will be used for recording new music or more tour dates to be announced?

More music would be the dream, but I also wouldn't be surprised (or blame them) if they stayed in Australia for an extended holiday.
I know with limited rehearsals, they’ll probably stick to the setlist as is and perhaps add some Lost Tapes for The Garage. But was listening to their music and I was reminded of how good Freak Like Me is as an opener with that intro. So would love to see that happen again.
Siobhan: I felt like personally, I couldn’t move on. Everyone was like ‘When’s the new music coming?’ But I couldn’t think about new music because I thought, ‘What’s the point, if what I consider to be an amazing body of work just means nothing and never gets released?’ I found that really demotivating. For me, it was something that had to be released or I just couldn’t move on. Now, it does pave the way for new music.

This is really interesting. It explains where her headspace has been at for the last ten years. I still can’t quite believe it’s actually happened!
Was the fateful Japan promotional tour combined with their Australian trip last time?
I think so? They promoted their music on Australian television mid-August (forever amazing). Less than a month later in September it was already reported that Heidi would take Siobhan's place in the band. Sugababes 2.0 traveled to Germany together that November to the MTV Europe Music Awards (pic); their first time together in public, I think.
Will they be checking IDs at the BRITs Week show? If not I need to sell my ticket dd.

Listed them on Ticketswap for just over face value £48.
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Was the fateful Japan promotional tour combined with their Australian trip last time?

Yes it was indeed.
One of my forever, favorite topics haha

They've been in Australia for a week, before than going to New Zealand for a three day promo stop and than after that, off to Japan. Wish there was a little more detailed information, from their time in Japan though.

@OlliMaus Actually they were at the MTV EMA's pre-show at the end of September, wich was their first big but not their first public appearance together. They also were guest on Liquid News in the first week of October, where they discussed Siobhan's exit and being dropped by London Records, the transition to Island. Apparently a week after Heidi joined they've been guest on CD:UK and they even sung, wich makes it 2.0 first public outing. Still trying to find out more about that.