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Sugababes 4.0 - The Jade Years

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I prefer Mutya's vocals on Red Dress, Gotta Be You and Follow Me Home
  2. Everything about the single version of Red Dress is amazing.
  3. duckface

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  4. Red dress with Mutya but Follow me home with Amelle
  5. Red Dress isn't a 4.0 song. It's barely a 3.0 song, let's be honest. 2.0 recorded it first. Which thread does this discussion belong in?

    *No thread, because no-one cares.*
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  6. Mvnl

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    It's Sugabobes.
  7. duckface

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    That's my favorite thing about the whole thing.

    Like people would have been confused by "Tease, Tempt & Touch by Sugababes".
  8. Agreed. Mutya's bored singing sounds much better than Amelle's "CUUUULAAAH than the red dress!" And on Amelle's version the song seems to be slowed down, which sucks too.
  9. I hate the nasal Mutya version. Usually her voice is a highlight but it's like that song was destined for Amelle instead because it just didn't suit her.
  10. Georgina1515

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    Is the MKS thread really closed only till the second single comes? They can probably never release it but there are still news about them. The thread is general, not about the singles. So I ask the responsible people to open it as soon they are supposed to sing "Love Letters" at NME.
    Heidi dosen't really care about staying in touch with Amelle and Jade...
    But reads their tweets!
    Says no to Big Reunion, but like a 4.0 reunion, never say never etc etc.

  12. I don't want to drag up really old stuff, but that suggests that Heidi and Amelle aren't close, so it makes no sense that she sided with Amelle during Keishapocalypse. Wouldn't it have been safer for her career to put up with Keisha and get rid of Amelle?
  13. I've never believed the story that Heidi "sided" with Amelle. I still think the whole "we walked out" thing was a cover story so that they could claim they had split up for a minute and then "reunited" with Jade so that they could get out of paying Keisha for wrongful dismissal (which they ended up doing anyway, but by then the story had already been told).

    Heidi's reactions certainly doesn't suggest that she hated Keisha with a passion. I think Heidi is just sort of a person who goes along with what she's told.
  14. But it made so sense for Crown to get rid of Keisha if Heidi was willing to do whatever they said. I hope in 40 years time, one of them releases a tell all book about how things went down.
  15. Keisha was (according to Dan Wottoon) told that "Amelle is the Sugababes now". Also, Keisha apparently didn't want to work with a new girl and wanted either Amelle to get it together or for Mutya to come back. Crown seemed to think any girl was just a replaceable part - their manager Mark Hargreaves even commented as much post-About You Now going to number one and being huge.

    I can't imagine any of theirs being especially forth-coming - Heidi would just try and sugarcoat everything, Amelle would ramble incoherently and Keisha's would just be violently passive-aggressive.
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  16. It shows just how out of touch with the fans Crown were and how they made the wrong choices. Isn't it funny that Amelle is no longer with Crown.
  17. Solenciennes

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    I can't imagine she really enjoyed how they made it all her fault by putting her up on a pedestal, it can't have felt good to have been blamed for the last remaining original member of the Sugababes being kicked out of her own band, and for the group to then be left in developmental hell with their eighth album attempt. Keisha ultimately ended up landing on her feet, like the captain of a sinking ship somehow surviving the wreck.
  18. Well, hardly...
  19. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Depends how you view things, obviously; but she got kicked out of the band, got a new record deal, a new single out and is working with cool people, invited to awards ceremonies etc - maybe they'll never be a force to be reckoned with again but it's surely better than the fate that befell the remaining Sugababes after she'd been ousted. Putting things into perspective - she may have lost out in the short term but in the long term it worked out better for her than it did for them.
  20. Is it really weird they dont see eachother? Heidi did tv shows and musical, same Jade, Amelle is working on music and played in movie. They have their lives and there have been so much drama around them so im not surprised they're not in touch that often. They still message and tweet eachother. At least they're not sworn enemies. Wasnt it the same with GA? Chimola and the other two who also werent close to eachother after they went on hiatus?
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