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Sugababes 4.0 - The Jade Years

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. Freedom just came on one of Polish radios. Love such random surprises.
  2. I was just listening to Sweet 7 and I swear I can hear Keisha in Little Miss Perfect. Especially the last "so why do I feel so alone?" lyric. I wonder if the producers on the album bothered to completely cut all her vocals.
  3. I can't hear her.

    I do love the little cameo on Wait For You. "NO!"
  4. Am I not right in thinking that the Now That's What I Call Music that features Get Sexy used Keisha's 'Yeah's in the opening before switching to the Jade verse? I listened to it a while back and am sure that's what I heard.
  5. It's been discussed on here before and I'm pretty sure that's the conclusion people came to.
  6. Ah ok. I've only just found this thread so not read a lot of it.

    But I'm guessing, with the timeframe they had between kicking Keisha out and hiring Jade, they probably didn't have time to completely remove and rerecord everything.
  7. You can still hear Keisha going "NO!" on Wait For You's chorus. I'm not sure I hear her on Little Miss Perfect. I'd have loved to have heard her version of No More You as I enjoyed the acoustic performance they (3.0) did of that song.
  8. I'd love to hear 3.0's version of Give it to Me Now...
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    Such a low moment. I love how 4.0 tried to 'poke fun' at the supposed revolving door 'policy' of the group, as if it was an expected part of their journey as musicians. This was truly when we knew it was over. So far distant from what the group had always tried to be.
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  11. That photograph tells me that they're all utterly replaceable and absolutely nothing special. Poor Jade! She never looked entirely comfortable with the other two.
  12. Solenciennes

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    Everything about Jade being in the group was wrong - she's a few years younger than Heidi and Amelle, she seemed incapable of harmonising and her vocal ability was light years ahead. None of that is her fault and I do think it's nice that despite the many problems with 4.0, very little flak is actually thrown her way...
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  13. Seriously? She's synonymous with the end of the line for the Sugababes and seems to be the most reviled member overall? Not that I hate her personally, she's super talented, but that's just the impression I've gotten on the forum.
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    Disagree completely - it's invariably Amelle, Heidi, Keisha or the shadowy behind the scenes label or management who get blamed for what went down which is how it should be - Jade accepted a job offer and did her best with what she was given. Compared to when Amelle joined the band in identical circumstances, Jade settled in much quicker and did a better job with memorising the songs and routines.
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  15. I think they werent trying to say its ok to change lineups or that its something natural but rather that they were trying to embrace all the negativity and jokes and turn it into a something positive, show that they have sense of humor. All the lineups jokes were around since 2.0 and intensified heavily after 3.0 formed. The inside fights and lineup changes basically became a routine when it comes the press the band was receiving. Ironically enough this cover is right because now 1.0 comes back as Sugababes. Of course its back to the roots with the past members, rather than getting new ones again but its still another lineup change and now we have older Sugababes singing songs of newer Sugababes, The circle never ends
  16. Where’s Keisha on Wait For You?
  17. You can hear her screaming NO! in the background at 2:17 which was her ad-lib on the original version.
  18. Many took an instant dislike to her as she represented a stretch too far. You were being asked to accept her as a replacement for Keisha Buchanan. NO.
  19. I never saw Jade as a replacement for Keisha which is probably why I didn't have a big issue with her. They are different in many ways - looks, voice, personality etc.
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  20. I don't know how you can't see her as a replacement for Keisha when that's exactly what she was. She was there and Keisha wasn't, they announced Jade had replaced her and she took all her vocals, etc. I heard "where's the black one gone?" more than once from casual observers. Inadequate to fill her shoes, and way more adequate than Amelle or Heidi, she was a terrible fit.
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