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Sugababes 4.0 - The Jade Years

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. I mean it as I see it. She had nothing that reminded me of Keisha. With Amelle she had a similar tone to her voice as Mutya. Heidi had nothing that reminded me of Siobhan either really. But yes they did all technically replace someone who was there previously of course. I don't think Jade was a terrible fit but it's a bit hard to judge 4.0 when they only really started off with one brand new song in the form of Freedom. Has anyone else heard 'Hard' which was supposed to be the 2nd single?
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    I don't think anyone besides the handful of people who cared about the Sugababes by the end even realises Jade was a Sugababe.
  3. Poor Jade never got her chance. She was scrutinised from day one until the day Freedom was forced into becoming a free amazon download. Just to have a fresh eighth album completely unique to Jade which we know they did in fact record would have been a nice ending to the Sugababes. Alas it wasn't to be however Jade owned Sweet 7 despite rush recording it and makes certain tracks like No More You feel like it was written for her voice.
  4. They did not record a whole album. That's just bravado they spurted circa Freedom. I don't even think they had Hard ready to go. They had no label, they just had an arrangement with Sony to distribute Freedom if they paid for the promo themselves.
  5. They could still have recorded an albums worth of songs with no label. At the end of the day no one knows but them however I think they must have had an albums worth to release probably on the back of the Hard single later that year.

    Obviously the Freedom embarrassment ended them though.
  6. If they had a completed album, then all the songs would be registered and we'd have some idea of the tracklist. If you compare the situation with MKS, we knew all the writers, producers and song titles long before we even got Flatline. There were no more songs published and how many pop bands do you know have ever recorded and funded a complete album whilst being unsigned, hoping a label would pay for it all retrospectively after being signed?
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  7. Actually I've known of a few artists who I know have recorded full unreleased albums but the titles weren't available for anyone to view online. It's not always that easy to access that information for everyone.
  8. It happened with Amelle too. Fans don't like change, and I don't just mean the album. Basically if your favourite member goes then you'll possibly resent the replacement. I think Jade seemed like a nice girl, and she never brought sleazy nasty scandal to the group (unlike Amelle) but the fact remains she replaced an original and that is a problematic area in this group. Heidi got away with it because she wasn't a Siobhan rip-off and it happened before the group became a joke (with the arrival of Amelle) with revolving members. But Jade couldn't escape because of the situation. It looked like Amelle and Heidi betrayed Keisha. Context is everything.
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  9. If it was so easy to record a record without a label, why do people bother trying to get a record deal? The answer is to get an advance and an investment to fund the very expensive writing, producing and recording of the album. They had no money. They left Island-Universal in the red after Sweet 7 flopped and had to cobble together various sponsorship deals (Motorola, those laptops I've forgotten the name of, etc.) to pay for the Freedom video after they were dropped. Sony would not pay for anything, so Freedom was funded entirely from sponsorship income generated by Crown. That was all blown on Freedom and the pre-orders were low so they cut their losses knowing the band weren't going to break even. The music industry is, like most things, all about money. To think they'd blindly spend loads of money writing and recording an album without any definite funding on the horizon is foolish.
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  10. It's still possible though they could have been taking a risk. I can't imagine that big gap between Wear My Kiss and Freedom not resulting in the making and recording of a full album. They would have returned much sooner otherwise. They clearly didn't spend all that time sitting on one fully recorded track there was clearly more.

    At the end of the day we don't know what funds they could have put together to make it happen. It's all speculation.
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    The delusion.
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  12. The irony.
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  13. Delusion is anyone who thinks the original line up are going to release any more music after a number 50 charting comeback single.

    At least 4.0 knew it was over when they saw the dismal itunes pre orders for Freedom and didn't want a similar or worse single chart position on the Sugababes discography.

    Freedom being released over 2 months after its first televised performance was always a weird move though.
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  14. I saw it in Hull and they did a Q&A with some of the audience after the show...Heidi was quite frank when talking about how much she wanted to do more with the sugababes.
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  15. I heard that Happy Days flopped. It had a lot of support and large posters/billboards, but it seemed doomed. Heidi was sensible to quit pop and get an office job in that respect. And she can always do more musicals.
  16. I am assuming that is reference to my opinion about Siobhan quitting her solo career to return to the Sugababes which you insist was not the case right? hmmm
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    Actually, it is delusion to believe 4.0 had any recorded material when there is zero evidence of it, apart from a few quotes from interviews meant to promote the line-up. It's not like they're gonna say they only have one song, if you think about it. Delusion is to continue believing that even after all the sensible facts anfunny laid out in his post.

    As for the originals, we have evidence that they are actively working to secure the Sugababes trademark worldwide, they have recorded loads of songs as well, so I doubt Keisha is funneling all that money for nothing.

    And regarding chart positions - while they may be important for record labels and the act's sustainability, if you only focus on what's popular in the charts and start chasing trends like your fave line-up did, you are doomed to fail. Especially if you're a group who had never resorted to jumping on bandwagons until Mutya left.

    Why are you so bitter about MKS anyways? Nobody is actually expecting them to come back with number one singles and albums, but their music will certainly be amazing and has a chance at good sales.
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  18. That downtime between Wear My Kiss and Freedom resulted in two short writing/recording sessions paid for by Island-Universal, using Crown's own "in-house team". Island-Universal weren't impressed with the sessions. After the first, they sent them back to try again and they came back with Freedom. Still not impressed, Island-Universal cut them loose. They were in talks with Sony, who offered to distribute Freedom, but wouldn't pay for it. They spent a while chasing sponsorships and when they had enough to fund it, they set about releasing Freedom. If Freedom had been a decent hit, they'd have been in a stronger position to perhaps wring some more money out of Sony and get a second single in the bag. They might've had some scraps with Crown's team in the wings, but that would've been demoed only, I'd imagine, and in need of some production, etc. They couldn't exactly release an album full of tracks by the same small-time team, after so many years of big name writers and production teams.
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  19. They probably didnt have a full album ready to go but i dont believe they had just Freedom and Hard, that would be just ridiculous especially since they were already promoting the single and if Freedom wasnt cancelled they wouldnt stop and take a break but promote further. It would be crazy to promote and promise an album if there was no material to begin with. They had recording sessions in late 2010/2011, they tweeted about it every once in a while, sometimes even with pictures.

    I also wouldnt be so sure about the lack of funds, 4.0 still had a lot better promotion for Freedom than MKS had for Flatline and they had a huge label at their side
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    You don't have to have a record deal to record though. In fact most labels won't give you a deal without at least half an albums worth of material to get an idea of where it's going.

    Im not saying he's right in this case (or wrong), but it is possible to record material without it being ""registered"" online.

    It's unlikely they would have an albums worth here though, not unless they'd done a deal with and up and coming producer / songwriter for a cut of thr record deal / sales.
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