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Sugababes 4.0 - The Jade Years

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. I am not bitter about MKS I just find their obsessive fans such as yourself on this forum unbearable for the most part.

    Now you are trolling yet another thread that has no reference to your beloved line up whatsoever.

    As for everything else you said in your last post I believe they could very well have recorded material none of us know about that is not delusion it is my opinion.

    Keisha only yesterday wiped all trace of MKS from her twitter yet you still believe MKS are going to return as Sugababes and release years old music. That is delusion.

    Now please stop ruining the 4.0 thread as your clique did the other Sugababe thread.
  2. It is my dream to become a producer and create a 4.0 comeback album, alongside a solo Amelle album.
  3. SBK


    I have a recurring dream about Tom from McFly...

  4. Yes, it's like taking a business plan to a bank manager and asking for a loan. If the plan is shit, they wont fund it. That's why Island-Universal said no to the fruits of the sessions, including Freedom, and dropped them. Sony knew their long-time label had turned it down, so similarly didn't want to fund it, but they offered a distribution deal for a fee, ie. no risk to Sony at all. The tracks which get registered are usually the ones there are plans for, or agreements are in place with the contributors. Seeing as whatever 4.0 may have had (definitely not a completed album) was almost certainly 100% done in-house with Crown, they probably didn't need to publish anything as it wasn't happening unless some money was coming in.
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  5. kal


    You were the one who brought them up though.

    I merely pointed out your delusion. And now you're being rude again.
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  6. After you called me deluded (which you continue to call me) so don't act like you didn't ask for such a reply.
  7. kal


    Ah, so you can dish it out but you can't take it. Got it.
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  8. If I kissed 1.0s ass like a bunch of you around here I am sure I would have fitted in to your ideal view of what a Sugababe fan "should be".

    That is the bottom line. However that is not me and so I defend my personal fave line up who are 3.0. For doing so I get bullied and therefore retaliate.

    So I dish it out for very good reason. That is all I have to say in this thread regarding this.
  9. kal


    Nobody has ever bullied you so don't act like a victim. You continue to be rude for no apparent reason and are unable to recognize or admit any faults about your faves. I may love the originals but I'm more than comfortable discussing their failures And joke about Mutya's fake ass without getting overly defensive and calling other people names.

    And I still don't understand how me pointing out delusion has anything to do with the originals.

    Frankly, your attitude is terrible and I only called you deluded because you did the same thing in another thread, without even being on topic. Hence the 'dishing out' comment.
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  11. Well, this is actually in reference to all your speculations in this thread so far and yet you're pointing out someone else's speculations.

    Although I guess this can also be in reference to your opinion, which like you just mentioned, is an opinion and not a fact. I've never insisted that that Siobhan didn't quit her solo career for MKS, I just insisted that it is all speculation on your part and not a fact as you like to pass it off as.
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  12. HRH


    I remember hearing about songs called Hard and Love Makes Me Crazy... they did insinuate that they'd recorded more in a couple of interviews.
  13. They did not record Love Makes Me Crazy. It wasn't even their song; it was "leaked" onto YouTube and then confirmed by breakfast2 (in his words, he "thought" it was the one he was talking about), which made everyone think it was.
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  14. I'm being absolutely serious when I say I think you could easily produce a song for Amelle if that's what you really want to do. She may accept it too. Now that she's completely free of a record label and a record deal you never know your luck!

    Record a song and send it to her over Twitter. Why not? All she can say is Yes or No.
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  15. I never heard it, they just talked to me about it outside Juice FM in Liverpool. There was also an interview they did for a magazine when they spoke about the song and said it was about them having to be 'hard / ice queens' coming out of a relationship or something?

    It was definitely going to be the second single and was recorded and mastered. I tweeted Jade about the song and she said she still loves it and hopes we can hear it one day.
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