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Sugababes - Freedom + cancelled album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Gleek, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Don't ... just don't. We don't need that discussion here.
  2. I don't know if they are living under a rock, or think everything's great, or are crying inside, want it all to be over, or are completely deluded - I honestly don't know?!

    Fair enough, they are trying to work and earn a living - but it ain't working!

    If they 'just don't care' then maybe it's about time they did start caring and seeing the reality of the situation.
  3. MM


    I still think there is another reason behind the decision not to release it.
  4. Not for a free song! I still can't believe they've actually put this out for nothing and tried to pass it off as a generous action for the fans.
  5. I know, it's just lies, lies, lies.
  6. The reason you can't download it is because according to Amazon the single isn't available till the 23rd.
  7. In that name a song for all of us ...
  8. But why is using comments on something like twitter silly? Why because they happen to be negative? Does that also go for all the positive comments Heidi, Jade & Amelle get on twitter towards them directly?

    It seems to be pretty much across the board what people feel/think about them, no matter where you go.

    I just wanted to know why some sites & messages on them get dismissed by people on here? It wasn't directed at you totally, as I've seen other members do that here quite a lot when the feedback hasn't been to their liking.
  9. MM


    Well, the link they posted on the band's Facebook page isn't up anymore. I reckon the song has been taken down from Amazon as well; at least temporarily.
  10. But what can they do? It would be far worse for them to say "yes, we're on the verge of a flop, so we're cancelling the single because nobody seems to want us anymore and we're now irrelevant, so now you have to wait for another couple of months for a new song that you can buy so we don't get dropped" as then that makes them look even worse even if it is factual. We all may know and discuss the real intentions, and the babes probably know it themselves, but from a marketing point of view, they're trying to save a tiny bit of face.
  11. Who cares about chart positions these days? No one in the U.S. A shame the UK doesn't feel this way.

    I just want the Sugababes to keep releasing music. I don't care if their songs chart high or not.
  12. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    Record labels who'll invest money in their material?

    Not everyone is as lucky to have a total stan as a record label boss!
  13. Thank you! Everyone is fully aware of why they are doing what they are doing, but they still feel the need to ask why.
  14. Yes. I meant in general togeher with both negative and positive comments.

    Those social media things should not be used for describing wide general feeling towards them or any other artist (well at least in my opinion).

    Lack of radio play, lack of requesting on radio and lack of pre orders or even lack of views on popular video and music sites are things that can be realistically used to describe general audience feelings than bunch of comments on Twitter/Facebook/boards etc.

    And here for example people are using only negative comments to prove how general audience feels about them. Which lets be honest isn't that valuable argument.

    As I said ... radio play, requests on radio/tv, pre orders, views on music/video sites are the biggest showing of how wide audience feels about them. Which is.... the can't be arsed.
  15. Well I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one, as I do feel that media sites with comments from the general public, be it negative or positive, can be used to garner how the general feeling is towards a group / song / singer / movie / actor / TV show etc.
  16. Maybe this is for the best?

    Ok, it's not an ideal situation, but perhaps it will turn into a motivational opportunity for the girls and the label to work really hard on selling the next single and the album (I can't imagine they're going to throw in the towel before the album's out) and making it successful. They need a big song, and some sort of promo gimmick to draw attention and get people excited about the band again. Because you have a band here that could easily have a couple top tens, but they need to stop treating their jobs so matter-of-factly.
  17. I am officially done with the Sugababes.

    For real, this is a joke already.
    And before anyone say 'they don't need you and your support', boo, let me say that YES they do need cause their 5 remaining fans wont be able to keep this band going for another era. They are doomed.
  18. Out of all the 'drama' today the thing I've found most hilarious are people like 'Little Boots' and Lily Allen having a go at them.

    'Freedom' was a good song, but with the video and lack luster promo, I didn't see it happening for them. If it means they'll give it another go, but give a extra little punch, then I'm interested.
  19. Lily Allen is a successful popstar who actually charted at #1 with the lead single of her last album. I fail to see what humour can be derived from Lily fans laughing at the 'Sugababes'.

    aOblivious, are you British? Could you actually have bought Freedom? This begs the general question: Will this new exclusive Amazon deal allow non-British fans to download it for free?
  20. MM


    They have been both more successful than this lineup, specially Lily. Not to mention the critics like them, at least.
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