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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Steveweiser, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. They all hated Ace Reject and it was the label's decision to include it on the album.

    I think they just don't like how Xenomania works (cutting bits from different songs and pasting them here and there). Sophie Ellis-Bextor felt this way too. So did Franz Ferdinand. And maybe Annie.
  2. It was actually Whatever Makes You Happy, not Gotta Be You.

  3. Correct. That was Keisha's choice, I think... so Amelle chose Nasty Ghetto?
  4. Yes, its her favorite from 'Three'.
  5. Georgina1515

    Georgina1515 Guest

    And listening to it lately I see why they might hate the song. The lyrics. I've experienced the same and cry when listening to its words.

    Basically, he was the one who called MKS together again, beginning with Siobhan.

    I liked it when I had only a medley CD of Three and Angels with dirty faces. But now that I've learned there are more brilliant songs by the girls, it leaves me dispassionate.

  6. Keisha tore him to strips in Kent. That's all I've heard in terms of rumour. Siobhan and Mutya backed her all the way.
  7. What?! What does that mean.
  8. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I can totally envision Keisha telling Amelle that Amelle's choice will be Whatever Makes You Happy.
  9. I want to hear "No man, no cry" but it is blocked on youtube and it is not on my version of "Angels with dirty faces" because it was an UK bonus track.
  10. I remember hearing it once and having no desire to listen to it again!
  11. You aren't missing much. No Man, No Cry is one of the weakest tracks (maybe the weakest) on Angels With Dirty Faces.
  12. I still consider importing the UK version because of the three (!!) bonus tracks. I can't even download the track anywhere (I am only looking for legal downloads). Sometimes it's hard to live outside of the UK.
  13. Oh no, it's quite good! The weakest song is Just Don't Need This. Even then, it's just average and not bad.
  14. I must admit that the only non-single I still listen to from Angels is Breathe Easy.
  15. Just Don't Need This is amazing!

    Mutya's part in particular: "I go wherever I know that you won't go, I don't have to tango with your ego..."
  16. Just Dont Need This is my favourite AWDF non single.
  17. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I hate UK bonus tracks.

    Fans outside of the country go to the trouble of ordering music online, paying more for it, and are rewarded with less tracks. Oy.
  18. Georgina1515

    Georgina1515 Guest

    Especially when you (and we all) realise you can't attend a gig of any of Sugababes/MKS girls.
  19. Anyone watching I Love My Country tonight?

    They were mocking the various Sugababes line-ups and even Jamelia said she "wouldn't answer the call" if she got to be in the band. That really is a burn.
  20. Like she'd get "the call"... Jamelia: Z-list TV panellist.
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