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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Steveweiser, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. I hope they still have the rights for all of the already performed songs. I'm dying to hear the studio versions of No Regrets, Love Me Hard and Boys. Curious about the Sia and Katy B collaborations (More of Burnt Out-like jams please...)
  2. It's a safe bet the latter tracks will be lost as they were all added during their time with the label.
  3. I hope I'm not to late to express my love for Spiral...
    Mutya and Keisha have never sounded better to me than on that track...
    Does Heidi even have three lines in that while song???
    And I like Ace Reject with Mutya, but I feel like 3.0 needs it more...
    It could have been for 3.0 what Too Lost in You was for 2.0...
    I've been told there is such a thing as a 3.0 version of Ace Reject...
    Is that true???
  4. IMHO it's mainly Mutya's part that makes Ace Reject so bloody brilliant. I can't imagine Amelle singing it with her... huh! blunt'n'bland voice... But yes, the Ace Reject 3.0 version is believed to exist somewhere. Somewhere in the list of favs in Amelle's mp3 player ;-)
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  5. I agree. It's another example of Mutya's opening duties carrying a song, especially so in this case since the verse goes into that bridge which is seemingly a chorus on first listen. Amelle's voice is fine, but I don't think she has the control Mutya has to pull that off.

    Honestly, Ace Reject is fine as it is, including not having been a single. The planned single version or a 3.0 version would've really reduced how special it is, and it's unlikely to enjoy the status it does today.
  6. I agree with you 100%. One of their finest songs and it's just as good left on the album as it is.
  7. Doesn't mean it will be MKS on them. Maybe he got the rights back and is trying to resell them.
  8. "Not for a while" is so refreshing yet depressing
  9. For fucks sake!
  10. I think an album release in 2015 is something no one should be expecting.
  11. Or ever. If an album ever sees the light of day, I doubt it will be anywhere close to the album that was planned in 2012/13 or whenever that was.
  12. I have no interest in a Sugababes album unless it's Mutya, Keisha and Heidi.
  13. No! I need the next Sugababes album to be Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan. I already have Heidi's three Sugababes albums.

    Exactly. Not once does he state that MKS will be on those tracks.
  14. [video=youtube;e7MY1rEB5Dw][/video]

    Nice but forgotten cute little gem. I remember it was out around Get Sexy radio premiere and at first i hated GS and listened to Teardrops a lot more than GS.
  15. It's a great song generally, but the Sugababes take on it was just a cover version by numbers. It was released June 1st on the Island Life 50th Anniversary compilation, and Get Sexy had it's radio debut on Radio 1 on July 7th.

    Keisha's tweets today have been fun...
  16. Her hate for Get Sexy is funny and those photos of 3.0 really arent the best but the part when she says Siobhan always understood the secret language is...interesting. Then again Siobhan said Keisha never was mean so thats basically like she admitted she was bullshitting over the years.
  17. This isn't actually revelatory. Siobhan had said several times throughout the years that she understood the Ski shit.

    Heidi understood it too, but was way too slow at it.
  18. SOON GUYS!!

  19. They should actually call themselves Defo Sugababes.
  20. Id swear we've heard almost exactly the same thing year ago.

    Hanging out with new team
    Sugababes name in the bag
    Music soon
    Aiming big (no shit)
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