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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Steveweiser, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. I've heard a lot of songs, but don't have them. There's one there called 'Three More Days' that I love. I don't think labelling that track and would hurt. That 2013 Flipgram video Keisha posted has the remix to it on there. #Exclusive
  2. Interesting.

    But they've split up, haven't they?
  3. Nobody has tracks outside the band. Everyone has been given links to hear them online or has songs played to them.
  4. You know they haven't! I think the silence makes people think that though.
  5. I can't put a smiley face here, or a thumbs up, but I don't think they've split.

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  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    There's been no reason yet for me to think they've split.
  7. This gets posted every year. I just hope it rings true for once.
  8. mrfit4lifegee U didn't get bk to me other day
    keishabuchanan you called me? @mrfit4lifegee

  9. Oh Vas!
  10. I hope they never release anything. I think they've missed their moment entirely. They haven't got a cat in hells chance of succeeding in the manor to which they need to satisfy a label. Another flop single or two wont get the album released. All of them, past and present members included, have had their 15 minutes. Too much baggage, too much failure to launch syndrome, just kill it please.
  11. That'd be too cruel for both us and the girls though. I think they should just release the album or an EP at least and then disband for good unless the album will be success. In that case they obviously should continue. We do deserve this album and they do deserve to show us the fruit of all these years, something they are obviously proud of.
  12. I hate saying it but if it were any other band, at this point, I would have said they will never come back again.

    While they may not be at fault with regard to their legal troubles, they would be seen as a risk at this stage and I'm sure the industry is small, every insider knows what is going on and they are probably seen as too big a risk to take a gamble on at this point. Their saving grace would have been the name but I think a critical error was not trying to set up a new band with a catchy name.

    I understand that as fans everyone thinks they "deserve" an album, and in ways we do, but that counts for shit.

    At this point, they should try to sign independent once they get out of the contract or even set up a label like Mel C or do a Robyn (although I reckon it's not a matter of them being in a "live" contract, they are dropped but the label have a hold on them - there is probably an exclusion clause not allowing them to sign to any others for a period of time. That's where I see the problem.)

    Also and I HATE saying this but their age is against them. Not my opinion but if you look at bands, particularly female bands, not many reach into their thirties being able to release albums. They have another year or two tops but after that, a restart would be definitely be futile. I say this as a someone who is the same age as the girls.

    All the same, I want a release. I think an EP would be the best route now, something I was definitely against when I first heard they were back together. A clever EP full of the best material they can muster, to re-garner interest. They have a core fanbase who would lap it up. I also would have been against this but I would love to see, at this stage, Keisha as a judge on a show to stimulate interest.
  13. They missed their moment by a good 4 years and they really thought people outside pop forums cared more than they really did.

    It's hard for me to feel sorry for them.
  14. Paging Rochelle Humes.
  15. Shape just came on my shuffle.

  16. Denial >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Everything else
  17. I started collecting the singles since it seems a boxset will never be unleashed (or at least a full on singles set like Girls Aloud's one) and it seems it's going to be a long trip. The most evasive one seems to be 'No Can Do', at the moment.
  18. Sugababes singles are plentiful in charity shops. Just this week I've seen Overload, Freak Like Me, Round Round, Hole In The Head, Caught In A Moment, Push The Button, Ugly, Red Dress... for pennies. Don't see the later ones much but then they sold in much smaller quantities.
  19. Yeah, the earlier ones (bar Soul Sound) are widely available on eBay (if a bit expensive for me to import all the way to my lovely third world country), but after doing some research for years I think the 'rare' ones are:

    Follow Me Home CD2
    Change USB Single
    No Can Do
    Get Sexy (on a lesser extent)

    So far I've got:

    Push The Button (Set)
    Hole In The Head (Set)
    New Year CD2
    Freak Like Me
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