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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Steveweiser, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. kal


    Some people just can't handle the excessive levels of realness Mutya exudes.
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  2. You're leaving him, right?
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  3. I had an oddly ominous thought this afternoon while I was in the kitchen. I feel that MKS have had another argument and now everything is put on hold because of it. You can't teach old dogs new tricks, but cheetahs never change their spots.

    I still have my extra special copy with all the sweets inside, and that flimsy gold card that said it was an exclusive special edition. Sometimes I play a song from it on iTunes just to feel better about myself.
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  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

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  5. Did Mutya's version of Never Gonna Dance Again ever leak?
  6. Hello. Keisha removed all the stuf related to Sugababes and MKS from her twitter. Maybe it's the end for good?

    Her response.
    She is so unfair. I know sometimes fans can be a little boring asking this over and over again but she sounds so rude. Always sounded by the way. She is lucky she still has some 10 or 11 fans waiting for this album and checking on them on a daily basis. Ugh.
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    "MUTT-ya" is still iconic.
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  9. HRH


    I'm relieved it's all over, personally. It's been two years since MKS were any sort of 'thing', I'm surprised people haven't already moved on.
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  10. Not sure if this proves or disproves anything? Keisha seems to do semi-frequent profile edits.
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  11. Yeah she does that very often, probably doesnt mean anything. Her instagram didnt change.
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  12. None of the Sugababes were particularly charismatic. Mutya is about the only one who had something special about her which is why George Michael and Amy Winehouse chose to duet with her. None of the others would ever get that let's be honest. Funnily enough it is one of the fakebabes Jade Ewan who has the most showbizzy charisma - if you go in for that sort of thing - because she's essentially a solo star who was put into a group setting.
  13. Any updates on the trademark process?
  14. Not really, but we have a couple of new dates for the European application now:

    Filing date: November 3, 2015
    Published for opposition date: December 23, 2015
    Deadline for opposition date: March 23, 2016
    Status date: December 23, 2015
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  15. She knows MKS are ancient history that is all. Some just can't accept it so she has to joke to find a way around responding.
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  16. Oh, absolutely. She should be glad to still be harassed on a daily basis by special snowflakes who feel like they are entitled to know what's going on on her personal and/or professional life when she has already made it obvious that she doesn't want to share it.
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  17. It is a simple thing:

    If they come back and release their album. Hurrah!

    If they don't come back and don't release their album...then there's no point in getting upset or agitated with the girls. It is what it is. Obviously we want the album but some problems are insurmountable. I can't imagine Keisha would go through all of this legal mumbo jumbo to buy the name if she didn't intend to use it though, so who knows?

    I suppose fandom is in a weird state of limbo because they have no closure when it comes to MKS. Fans of MKS are more obsessive than any other lineup of the Sugababes and the 'Sugababes' so I understand the frustration, but let's just leave it be until they're comfortable enough discussing it.
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  18. It seems like they processed that pretty quickly to publish for opposition. The EU trademark office probably took into account that the US application was nearly completed (with presumably no opposition).

    If there is no opposition for the EU application, the trademark gets registered pretty quickly; in around a week I think. It could be registered by early April if all goes well.
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  19. Who cares about their personal lives, fans want to know about the album. The blindness is so freaking huge here. Harassed? That was funny!
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  20. Obsessive and incessant questioning (especially by obnoxious people basically demanding something) is a form of harassment, didn't you know?
    It's people skills 101: if someone doesn't want to talk about something, stop asking. She, and all the other girls, gave polite answers for the longest time, but patience runs out eventually.
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