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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Steveweiser, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Yes, yes it is, because it's their personal lives and they don't owe you anything (or anyone, for that matter).

    We do know what's going on, and we have known for a while, we have actual proof that they are seeking the Sugababes brand: the multiple applications and the fact last year they signed to Red Light Management as 'Sugababes', not MKS. Whatever they do in the meantime it only concerns to them, because that's not part of their public career. We are not entitled to demand to know if Mutya is working as a tattoo artist, or if Siobhan is working at an office, that is for them to share willingly.

    Them saying anything other than "we are working on it, soon" would only complicate their lives and the process, as there is the risk that the media could pick it up and it could affect the negotiations with Crown.

    And just like that, you can also understand that any picture of them together would spark another wave of comments that would get no answer, so it would be exhausting for the girls and ourselves. Suffice to say, just because they haven't taken a picture together doesn't mean they haven't met in all this time.

    We are seeing that this is going to be a hell of a long process, so just break free of all this anxiety and simply accept whatever happens. If it makes you feel more relax just think that they are done and that way if they do come back it will just be a nice surprise.
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  2. If All Saints had left one by one, and had 10 years of continuous popularity, followed by a re-grouping of the originals who had to change their name because someone else trademarked All Saints, they'd be in exactly the same position.
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  3. I feel like the lyrics of this song perfectly summarise the what we're going through. It's like James Murphy saw this coming!
  4. Or if Mel and Shaz had come back with Simone (rip) instead of the Appletons.
  5. De-lurking to ask: can anyone pinpoint the most recent "soon"/reference to something happening from any of the members (Keisha)?
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    Put the Needle On It!
  8. I don't participate in frequent illicit drug use or copious plastic surgeries, thank you.
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    I Begin to Wonder…. what do you participate in?
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  10. I love the "yassss for my outfit which still fits 6 years later."
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    Keisha is queen.
  12. Heidi's pug, Buddie who featured in the Sugababes Uncovered documentary died today.
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  13. Poor Heidi.
    And by some bizarre coincidence, Mutya is selling puppies on Instagram.
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  14. Oh dear I hope the jungle make her an offer asap
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  16. What if Crown isn't claiming the trademark just to screw with Keisha, but because they're planning to relaunch the Sugababes with a lineup featuring Amelle, Jenny Frost, and the girl from Electro Velvet?

    Think about it.
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