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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Steveweiser, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. PledgeMusic shut down recently, though there's still kickstarter.
    Personally I don't think they'd really need to go down that road.
    I think they'll still be an attractive prospect to labels & their good-will in the UK pop world should mean they don't need to pay producers up-front?
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  2. He


    They've been burnt time and time again by the industry, and I'm not sure the good will would transform into releases. I do understand how there's also some pride on the way, they were a successful chart topping act after all.

    But there's different avenues nowadays to still have a healthy career in music. They still have plenty of fans, why not make use of it?
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  3. kal


    Not when PledgeMusic has failed to pay artists since the beginning of 2019. They are bankrupt, not accepting new campaigns and are being sued by some of the affected artists.
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  4. He


    Kickstart works, doesn't it? It worked great for ionna lee's tour.
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  5. And if it comes to that, everyone who listened to/shared them leaks had best be putting their hands in their pockets
  6. kal


    Considering I paid £30+ for a Flatline promo CD it’s safe to say I’m gonna spend a fair bit to support them.
  7. You’d better believe I was never more ready to spend all my savings. x
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  8. But this time we’re all (including the girls) older and wiser. We are aware of the potential pitfalls
  9. Same here! I’d quite gladly give them my bank details, PIN number and password if it meant they’d tour again!
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  10. At last.
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  11. I’ll believe it when I see and hear an officially released product.

    Not holding my breath.
  12. kal


    Also, the daily mail stating the girls whipped us into a hype frenzy... as if that takes much with Sugababes fans.
  13. I just admit, for Siobhan to post this and for Mutya to repost people saying "they're back" etc.. Something just be afoot?
  14. I so need new music from both MKS and Sugababes 4.0... I mean, 2.0 was THE lineup for me, but at least this way we’d get two lots of music.

    I understand that Sweet 7 was just completely unrecognisable from the One Touch days, but I still enjoyed the music, and Get Sexy was a banger. I also think Jade had a lot of potential as a vocalist, so it’s a shame she didn’t get long in the band.

    I’d love a proper old school, soulful, vocal harmony album from MKS, and a fun, pop fuelled Xenomania album of bangers from 4.0. Best of both worlds really.
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  15. That photo together is so exciting! Much like Spice Girls, there's only a few bands that being photographed together gets me as excited as this.
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  17. OH MY GOD they look amazing.

    I think most people in this forum know they probably won’t have another hit single. The industry is just so different now. But releasing a critically acclaimed album as SUGABABES and touring the UK / Europe / Festivals and Pride events would be enough for me. Sort of like All Saints but they’re 10 years younger so might get more radio support.
  18. HeidA
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