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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Steveweiser, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Exquisite--love the jazzy riff on Satie at the end. This is such a good choice for a cover.
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  2. As perfect as the Whitney vocal is, I’ve been dreaming of MKS covering Higher Love recently.
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  3. It's my favourite album ever. It just never ages.
  4. Someone get Angels With Dirty Faces pressed on vinyl. I can't believe how good the album still is.
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  5. I like it, but somehow it hasn't aged as well as One Touch. Cracking nonetheless.
  6. Such an underrated album despite being jam full of huge noughties pop hits and sold almost a million copies. It certainly deserves a new treatment. I’d love for all the Island albums to be rereleased like the six Bananarama London albums with a similar treatment of added bonuses.
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  7. Angels With Dirty Faces was my first Sugababes album and it is also their best for me. I never really got into One Touch aside from a couple of tracks (the amazing Run for Cover being one of them of course).
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  8. Same I only like Run For Cover and Overload the rest isn’t my cup of tea.
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  9. New Year is the best Sugababes single. There, I said it.
  10. I have always had a dislike for overload. Least favourite on the album. I never really got it - it’s a bit, dare I say, boring?
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. I agree. I absolutely loved it at the time and still do occasionally go back to it, but it's definitely of its time. Overall it's probably my second favourite but if you ask me which album I'm more likely to listen to in 2019 (One Touch aside), it would probably be Taller.
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  13. From One Touch?
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  14. Overload is one of a kind, One of the most unique tracks they ever recorded. Its fun and moody at the same time plus still sounds fresh to this very day.
  15. Sometimes I think Run For Cover is their best single. There's drama in it. I like that.
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  16. I refuse to believe that nobody in their 12-15's listened to "just let it go" after a heartbreak.
    I did. Siobhan told me that there's a good thing waiting for you don't you know?
    And she was right.
    Aww, good old times <3
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  17. For me, it is their best single. I love the dramatic and dark aspects of it. Girl bands really weren’t veering from the pop formula and taking those risks on a single at that time. It’s ageless.

  18. With majority of One Touch i just changed my opinion. I disliked New Year, now i love it, i've grown to love One Touch, same with One Foot In and Promises. On the other hand i thought Same Old Story was fun, now it annoys me, i found Just Let It Go as cute, now its boring. Real Thing isnt as fun as i thought it was 17 years ago. I still like Look At Me and Soul Sound but i like both a lot less than back in the day. Only Lush Life, Overload and Run For Cover stayed on the same (great) level for me
  19. Soul Sound might just be sneaking up to become my favourite Sugababes single. It's so soothing and calming and chill, even though it took a while to grow on me. I would love for them to perform it again now. Run For Cover is also right up there, I gave it my 11 in the rate I think.
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  20. I think this every day.

    Because it's true.
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