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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Steveweiser, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. The moment when you are having a stressful day at work, and Push The Button comes on the radio.
    Heaven sent calming pill!
  2. I'm spinning my One Touch vinyl right now and I think it might be my favourite girlband album ever? There is something magic in that album, with those three voices together and that sound, that was also in the majority of the leaks, so I'm really excited about all this recent news, I'm here whatever they do.
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  3. Just to think in a few weeks we will hear a new song, plus see a live version of it at the concert
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  4. You can't doubt it. It's certainly the coolest girlband album.
  5. I had been bopping to "Garage Flowers" in the days leading up to this so I like to think I somehow willed this into existence. get it? garage ... flowers...
  6. I’m guessing their cover will be similar to this version that Sweet Female Attitude did last year for an orchestral garage thing.
  7. Exquisite--love the jazzy riff on Satie at the end. This is such a good choice for a cover.
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  8. As perfect as the Whitney vocal is, I’ve been dreaming of MKS covering Higher Love recently.
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  9. It's my favourite album ever. It just never ages.
  10. Someone get Angels With Dirty Faces pressed on vinyl. I can't believe how good the album still is.
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  11. I like it, but somehow it hasn't aged as well as One Touch. Cracking nonetheless.
  12. Such an underrated album despite being jam full of huge noughties pop hits and sold almost a million copies. It certainly deserves a new treatment. I’d love for all the Island albums to be rereleased like the six Bananarama London albums with a similar treatment of added bonuses.
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  13. Angels With Dirty Faces was my first Sugababes album and it is also their best for me. I never really got into One Touch aside from a couple of tracks (the amazing Run for Cover being one of them of course).
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  14. Same I only like Run For Cover and Overload the rest isn’t my cup of tea.
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  15. New Year is the best Sugababes single. There, I said it.
  16. I have always had a dislike for overload. Least favourite on the album. I never really got it - it’s a bit, dare I say, boring?
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. I agree. I absolutely loved it at the time and still do occasionally go back to it, but it's definitely of its time. Overall it's probably my second favourite but if you ask me which album I'm more likely to listen to in 2019 (One Touch aside), it would probably be Taller.
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  19. From One Touch?
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  20. Overload is one of a kind, One of the most unique tracks they ever recorded. Its fun and moody at the same time plus still sounds fresh to this very day.
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