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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. In the middle is fucking ace!

    angels with dirty faces and girls is the worst single

    I can’t wait to see the girls on Graham Norton
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  2. I mean if that doesn't work out I'll sing Push The Button live for you. I did sing it with Mutya one time you know...
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  4. He's Irish.
  5. The song that In The Middle samples is a bop. In The Middle is a bop. Thanks for your time and attention!

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  6. I've applied for Graham Norton tickets earlier, probably will get offered tickets for the second and third choice dates though, ddd

    The fact that they are days away from performing on the biggest talk show.. I'm so proud!
  7. No.
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  8. I actually love In The Middle kinda a prequel to Push The Button imo,
  9. Yes Channel 10.
    Fridays I think otherwise repeated on Peach another day.
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  10. I still bop to In The Middle on the regular, it's just easily the weakest.

    The lyrics are nonsensical & the girls sound off-beat at times. It's definitely one of those rare times where Xenomania's unique approach to song-writing didn't pay off.
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  11. I can’t remember who it was that asked but I’ve got the MKS Chartshow TV “Our Career In Pop” link if that’s what you were looking for. It was either that or the chat with Stefanie. I don’t have the latter.
  12. I didn’t ask for it but I know that the OP was looking for. MKS did a comprehensive interview like Stefanie has done with all of The Big Reunion acts around the same time. It’s either never been recorded or never been aired.
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  13. Oh I would love to see that again . I saw a crapy version of it .
  14. I’ll never understand how their fans hate In the Middle so hard. I still bop so much to it, it’s easily one of my faves from the Three album.
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  15. I love the video version of In The Middle, but even back then it felt like a song they were forced to release
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  16. I looooooove In The Middle!

    Saying that, Situation's Heavy should have been single 3.
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  17. The stanning!
    Have to say I am a bit excited for her inevitable Flowers @ Graham Norton reaction.
    From the sounds of it she doesn't realise the original trio are coming back (at least when she shot this reaction).
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  18. I can't stand In the Middle but I agree, Situation's Heavy would have been a great single. That or Whatever Makes You Happy would have been my ideal choice.
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  19. Oh she’s aware I’m sure
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  20. In the Middle hate??? REPENT!
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