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Sugababes - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. In The Middle too
  2. Girls and The Promise say
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. I love Girls.

    Stop speculating I'm a regular girl.
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  5. Girls is abysmal.
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  6. Girls is one of their best bops.

    Truthfully I find it hard to believe someone could find smashes like 'Girls' & 'The Promise' and even something inoffensive and generic like 'Beautiful Cause You Love Me', worse than some of their album-track filler.
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  7. Isn’t that Taio Cruz collaboration “She’s Like A Star” their worst song? I thought that was a unanimous opinion
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  8. That accolade goes to Miss Everything
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  9. Well, believe it sis. Girls and The Promise are stains on each artists’ discographies.
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  10. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Y’all are gonna get this thrown back into comeback corner.
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  11. They’ll be with legends like Britney so all in all it doesn’t matter too much.
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  12. Miss Everything really is garbage can pop.
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  13. In fairness there is no other thread for this discussion.
    If keeping things focused on the present is criteria for this staying, there should be a Sugababes - General Discussion / Past Line-ups thread as well as an MKS 2019 one.
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  14. Hence why I created another one this morning but a mod closed it and moved this one.
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  16. Oh em gee so im visiting pop&jusice again! It all sounds so surreal. Lets hope this time around everything goes the right way (and we get an oficial album(s))

    1. I feel like we need 2.0-4.0 thread in Comeback corner still. I know we've managed just fine over the last few years but thats because nothing was happening. Now we'd want to discuss NEWS in here, not old stuff and old vs new members unavoidable wars
    2. As other said they need to drop this Sacred Three shit. Its just tacky. They have talent that goes beyond such selfishness
    3. I dont feel bad for Heidi, Amelle nor Jade. They seem just fine and on top of that i do beelieve all six sugababes will happen at some point anyway so its all good for maaayyyy
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  17. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    We’re still trying to figure out who moved this one, it’s not been transparent. This thread will eat itself talking about the 2000s before there’s any real news which is why I am against it being here.
  18. kal


    I mean, we’re already nearing 1500 pages of it in this thread. What’s another 500, amirite?
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  19. It would surely make more sense for this thread to be the general discussion thread rather than to dig up these.

    A clean new thread for the new stuff like @Lucas made would be nice. Personally I think there's plenty to justify it - a new song days away, a new website & social media being set up, two impending live performances & a possible interview. If there was another thread for general discussion there would be less risk of it appearing in P&J.
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  20. Can’t discussion of 4.0 just result in an instant perma-ban?
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