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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Keisha addressing the NO NO NO NO NO NO incident in her latest video. We stan Queen of Subliminals.
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  2. Metal Heart would've been an amazing single I think! Probably one of the most Classic Sugababes sounding tracks they've done..
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  3. Are you sure? Haha, I’ve always thought it was Today or }INCREDIBLE SONG{ aka Summer of 99.
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  4. It's really shocking and saddening hearing all of these stories from Keisha herself, you can tell how hurt she is from the years of her being depicted as a bully, as the stereotypical angry black woman.

    I'm not surprised at all that a lot of these stories came from their very own team, it's disheartening but pushing these kind of stories to keep the band name around, specially as they were supposed to be the edgy, moody girlband, it's a very real agenda.

    Let's hope sharing her story, Leigh Anne's, every black girl member of a girlband helps revise ourselves and put a stop to these narratives engrained in our perception and our social consciousness.
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  5. I find it shocking that people are shocked by the things she said. Keishas racist treatment, not only by the press, but also by fans has made me angry time and time again. Honestly, part of me wishes that someone would take the time and expose every "fan" in this forum who continously wrote some biased asomtions about Keisha which played into the "angry black women" narrative. They've been so many over the years on here that truly left me speechless. I hope some of you (you know who you are) finally listen and take this as a teaching moment.
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  6. 2014

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    It was an important watch and she speaks so calmly but part of me think she's still processing some of it? I really hope she's ok and knows she's loved and deeply rooted for. But hhhhh at escape goat.
  7. I'm glad she's finally speaking up about her story. It always made me deeply uncomfortable when people would talk about Keisha (and Mutya too to an extent) as if they were mean girls when they didn't even know them.

    Also, didn't Siobhan once call Keisha a bully in an interview? Something about never forgetting your childhood bully.
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  8. I think Siobhan has been quoted as saying that yes but she might not have actually said it if it was a printed article. In interviews she just says me and the girls or me and Keisha didn't get on. I think since MKS reunion and more recently Clara's Podcast they have spoken a lot on how things got magnified as there were normal fallouts and tensions and people around them mixing it and how they've worked on their relationships and sorted stuff out misunderstandings etc and realising it wasn't that bad or a big deal as it seemed at the time.

    However if Siobhan did say this it would be great to hear her directly address if and clear up how she felt and why she said it and what her position on this is now. Especially because it is a direct attack (maybe from a journalist and not Siobhan) on Keisha's character and feeds into the angry black woman/girl and bully stereotype and narrative that has followed her through her whole career. Even if Siobhan says "I never said that" like Jade did. Although Jade said that to Keisha not in public. It needs to be public. For Keisha and for this awareness. I hope that makes sense ❤️
  9. That is a very powerful video. I'm glad she has built a space to express herself freely and with no filters. Thinking on their media portrayal during their time in the band there definitely needs to be a moment of reckoning with how people has been treating her, and view it under 2020 standards. Lots of stuff that was said about her pre-2011 would spark a big reaction nowadays.
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  10. 2013 It is fascinating that it needs a global, historic movement for people to start listening.
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  11. It’s really sad and makes me angry that Keisha (and Mutya, too) received the most scrutiny from the press when you remember they’re not white.

    However, I am kinda shocked that their team is the one who pushed those stories to keep their name in the press to be ‘relevant’. I mean what kind of sick tactic?

    I’m glad she’s speaking her truth because I honestly never believed the stories about painting her as some “angry black woman”, Go on Keisha! possibly my favorite Sugababe.
  12. I thought it was common knowledge that most of the stories created in headlines are created by celebrities, and or their management teams. I did know for ages that their management team was toxic, and it always painted Mutya and Keisha as moody cows. Where as they painted Heidi as the likable girl next door.

    I’ve been watching a lot of 3.0 interviews lately. A few of them I recall Amelle saying, “I thought you were mean/ or what the press said/ difficult/ etc...and not what I had expected”. I couldn’t help think of those interviews when Keisha said she met people that believed what they read.
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  13. Keisha mentioning that the label just thought of it as good press for the band because Sweet 7 was struggling was... I don't want to say the most horrible but perhaps the most eye-opening?

    I can't even begin to imagine how hard it was for Keisha to constantly be under such intense scrutiny from the press, the public and even some fans if the thread from when Keisha left in '09 is anything to go by...

    I wish Amelle and Heidi had been more vocal about Keisha not being a bully. Like Keisha said, Amelle and Heidi never once said "Keisha's a bully", but they also never hit back and said that she isn't. That must have been an even bigger blow after all that went down in September 2009, to not even get that simple defence of "we just couldn't continue our working relationship anymore but she isn't a bully".
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  14. That was heartbreaking but needed. Well done Keisha.
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  15. You can tell a lot of the scrutiny has chipped away at her self-confidence. It took her over a decade to have the courage to start posting vlogs that she wanted to upload all those years ago.
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  16. I remember at the time seeing how uncomfortable the girls looked when they said “it wasn’t working/ we didn’t get on / it wasn’t worth being treated like that”. I always got a sense they were trained, pushed, and scripted to say that by management for their album promo. There was always a hesitance, especially Heidi, when they spoke about Keisha. I guess in fairness, Amelle did say “we still have respect for Keisha”. But it all seemed too rehearsed at that time. I felt bad for Keisha at that whole era. She was out of the band, but her name and image was used to sell that album.
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  17. Keisha's departure in 2009 remains one of pop music's great mysteries. There could be an amazing documentary about the four days between them landing in LA and Keisha leaving.
  18. I completely agree with all of your post but this specifically is what I was getting at. I fully believe Keisha when she says that journalists would say things to sell papers and management would do the same to keep the girls name "out there" for promo, but it just made me think of the time that Siobhan used that particular word in regards to Keisha. I'll be honest, I don't remember if I read it or if it was an audio/video interview.
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