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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I think I've only heard Siobhan say "we just didn't get on" or words to that effect on video interviews. And I don't think I've come across a print interview where she directly calls Keisha a bully, and I've done a lot of digging for Siobhan content over the years.
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  2. It was a written interview I believe, I think she said something along the lines of 'you never forget your first bully'? But obviously it could have been the journalist who used that word (leading her to repeating it).

    One thing to remember is that this interview was, I believe, in like 2009/10? So really not long after she was back friends with Keisha & they were both saying management manipulation was at least partly to blame for the relationship breaking down - maybe now that she knows that she doesn't characterise Keisha's behaviour the same way.

    Or, being a human being who can make mistakes, maybe she just bought into the 'bully' stories like many others and viewed her own experience with Keisha through a different lens as a result.
  3. I get what you mean but I honestly think Heidi and Amelle must have had some kind of misunderstanding with Keisha which got completely blown out of proportion and could have been sorted out if dealt with properly by their label and management. Keisha does say that she isn't innocent and neither were they in this video. Amelle also said in the Fubar radio interview last year that when they met up (A and K with their partners at the time) about 18 months before that, that it was nice for Keisha to acknowledge some things she had said and done. Keisha also said in her Radio 4 interview last year that when she was replaced with the tensions that were mounting she thought they just needed to sit down and have a conversation so they could sort it and then she was just replaced. I think the label were sneaky in flying Jade out whilst all this was going on. The whole "we decided to give Keisha one more chance" thing on the plane I think was a journalist fabrication like Jade being "terrified* of Keisha. Mutya said on the Sisco IG that although she had spoken to the label about wanting to leave she hadn't decided and they already had Amelle lined up. Their management and label also didn't support the girls aged 16 and 17 to work through whatever fallouts they had at the time when Siobhan left. So all through their history this has happened and Keisha has been the scapegoat and blamed. Sorry for the long post I just can't stop thinking about her video and everything she said.
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  4. Just makes me wonder what were all the amazing things they had planned this year. We need some music to lift us all.
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  6. I managed to find the same quote from Siobhan on some old blogspot. It comes from a 2009 Ponystep interview which is linked in the post, however the link to the full interview is invalid.
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  7. I relish in the fact that it was our dear Mutya (and the Su-Elise from Misteeq) who publicly defended Keisha when the bully claims reached boiling point in 2009.

  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    This is why we stan Su-Elise.

    I know Siobhan has spoken about Keisha in the past, but they made up and are still close friends. Keisha and Siobhan talk about how they reunited in their Clara Amfo podcast episode if you guys want to listen to that. It's a good insight into how they were ultimately young girls in the music industry who were also pretty different and weren't mature enough to deal with certain things, and now they've lived their lives and grown and matured as people.
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  9. I wish this whole bullying chapter can be laid to rest once and for all. It's just so boring, and has been circulating since Siobhan has left. I would love if the media, and non fans, can just see what we see = how MKS are amazing as individuals, their talent, and THE MUSIC.

    So frustrating that their sheer talent is not highlighted enough. Hence, how important it is for them to get music out there.
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  10. Did Mutya not message fans on Twitter in 2009 to say that she and Keisha had been in talks about her returning to the band prior to Keisha leaving?

    I know Amelle took time off from the band prior to the About A Girl video shot to go to a retreat. I wonder if Keisha was unhappy with Amelle and saw it as an opportunity to bring back Mutya. If that was the case, Heidi probably would not be on board with that plan given that she felt Mutya cut ties with her after leaving, potentially why she took Amelle's side.

    For management, it feels like their priority was to ensure the video money did not go to waste. Whoever could appear in the video would stay and continue with the album campaign.
  11. I've never heard that bit about Mutya potentially coming back, but the story initially broke as Amelle having been kicked out of the group. Then hours later we found out it was actually Keisha, so who knows what the hell happened there.
  12. I’m ashamed that I’ve definitely fallen into the camp of those who easily perpetuated the Keisha as Bully narrative (as a ‘joke’, admittedly, but does that make it any less problematic? No.)

    Keisha’s video was incredibly brave, and very eye opening. I, like many others, have a duty to continue to learn. So much respect for her.
  13. I remember at that time it was Mutya being rumored to be in talks to come back, but nothing came out of it.

    The label did not care about the Sugababes. They just wanted to make their money as quick as possible from what they spent on Sweet Seven, and then drop the SB. Hence, it was easier to handle one babe leaving than two. That era did seem messy, and i got the feel the label were desperate to make their money. I feel this was further reinforced when they made Freedom free, and had no desire to do a new album. Why spend money on another album, when the public didn’t take to catfights and Sweet 7 (especially when the sex appeal was upped by 10).
  14. Siobhan did use the word "bully" in a recorded interview with the London Paper in 07. I'm not even going to bother seeing if it's still on YouTube because it is a hell of a long time since then, and Siobhan and Keisha have clearly moved on.
  15. They were teenagers, of course there would have been some bullying and difficult behaviour. There is in every friendship group at that age, let alone when you're travelling the world as a teenage pop band. The issues between Siobhan and Keisha are understandable in the context of their age and situation.
  16. I have no doubt whatsoever that Keisha was portrayed negatively in the press and online due to the colour of her skin and the related stereotyping. I’m glad she’s speaking out about it because looking back, it was blatant and disgraceful.

    I think it’s unfortunate that she went the “I’ve never been a bully in my life” route though, which to me is along the lines of someone saying something like “I’ve never been racist/sexist/homophobic in my life”. We would like it to be true, and we all want to be perfect people but I feel there’s more value in reflecting on one’s own behaviour honestly and admitting flaws and wrongdoing, unconscious or otherwise. She also talks about her banter being misinterpreted by other people, which is a bit of a Lea Michele ‘perceived’ moment.
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  17. This ain't it. She's been doing that all along; she explains how her reaction to being the target had always been: "they weren't innocent either". I think she's done a perfect explanation of how it's not about always "being perfect" but about her being pushed into that corner where she could not react to the scrutiny because that led to her being deemed aggressive (used then on the nonsense "she's a bully"-case).
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  18. Yeah, that’s fair. I’m talking about that one specific line though. I don’t think any of us can say that with certainty.
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  19. I agree so hard. Thanks for saying it because I did it too, while stanning her, loving her voice and feeling like she was always the backbone of the group...I did the same thing.

    Her video couldn’t have been more of a reality check and I’m so glad she made it.
  20. And the adults around them manipulating them and pitting one side against the other, let's not forget that.
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