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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I know many people here want the MKS version to happen but wouldn't 2.0 or 3.0 be better? Heidi for me is more of a Sugababe than Siobhán can ever be and Amelle is equal.
    Heck, I wouldn't mind 4.0 if it got someone back together and performing again. I guess there could even be a Frankenstein version that didn't exist before. Any combo other than just Siobhán, Amelle, and Jade would work.
    I think MKS have had long enough, if it's not happened yet then it's never going to happen. Perhaps it's time we pin our hopes on a different incarnation?
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  2. It's 1.0 or nothing.

    Keisha's basically said she'd never work with Amelle and Heidi again because why would she after what happened? Mutya and Siobhan wouldn't be in a Sugababes without Keisha. Heidi seems really content being out of the spotlight and raising her daughter too, so I don't think she'd ever want return to the Sugababes. No one's crying out for Jade to return, and I don't think it'd do Amelle any favours if she pulled a Kerry Katona and started trying to tour as "Sugababes" with Zoe Birkett and Michelle Heaton.
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  3. Let's stop this conversation before they lock the thread again. Let's just say the conversation's over.mp3
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  4. Keisha probably said that about working with every member at some point and the rest probably said something similar when they fell out.
    So much time has passed and as we have seen with the Spice Girls, All Saints, Steps, Take That, etc. things can be resolved after extended breaks from one another. They are all grown women now, so any silly arguments and dramas they had ten or more years ago may end up not meaning anything once they met up and chatted.
    I bet if there was a desire from Keisha she could reach out to any combo and make something work or likewise any of them could contact her.
    I'm sure Heidi wouldn't mind doing a few shows every few years and making some money and going back to her life after. It seems to have worked out for Geri.
    I wouldn't mind Jade returning as I'm sure others wouldn't. Get Sexy is one of their top ten streams on Spotify and the other singles are being played more than One Touch singles other than Overload.
    I can see Jade singing the other 90% of the discography that came before her, where I don't see Sibohan singing the 90% that came after her.
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  5. If the original line up can‘t make it work I don‘t think any other trio of Babes will ever make it work.
    Although I do have to admit, that I have a very soft spot for 3.0 or even 2.0 as for Siobhan, I just love solo Siobhan but each to their own I guess. It‘s all personal preference and a fair bit of nostalgia for me.
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  6. ...are we really doing this.
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  7. Has it ever stopped?
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  8. For the love of God....people make out it hasn’t worked. Let’s not forget that they have been impacted by major legal delays, which is out of their hands. Legal stuff takes years, and that’s what has stalled their plans. Secondly, Covid has completely halted their 20th anniversary plans this year. Which we all know was in the pipe line, as well as new music. Can i also remind people that Flowers wasn’t even a single. It was a track that was part of a garage album. To say they haven’t been able to make it work/ perhaps 2.0-3.0 should just reform is completely ridiculous. Not to mention the absurd theories that Heidi will perhaps generate more headlines, and or Siobhán isn’t much of a babe as people won’t remember her.

    Our girls are fully committed to making this happen. But things are out of their control. It’s frustrating as hell , believe me I know, but let’s all get a grip. Can I also mention that they are doing this because they love music, wanna have fun, and do this for the fans. They never mentioned anything about chasing mainstream success. So is it a crime that they are doing something they love? The Sugababes are MKS now. People need to start accepting that.

    There is no shade in my post, and just how I am feeling.
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  9. Was there a reason why they couldn’t have continued on with the name MKS and released music? I don’t really follow them so not sure if there was a reason or not?
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  10. I mean, I’m sure they know they aren’t going to find much success outside of a niche fanbase in 2020, and that’s fine. A Graham Norton performance couldn’t even get that Flowers song to be a blip on the map. The general public don’t really know Siobhan & the only way to even qualify for a bit of hype around the Sugababes name would be to have Heidi (and even that is a stretch). It’s good they will maybe plug away and release a couple more songs but to think they will have mainstream success is a bit...ambitious.
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  11. 1.35m streams (more than any other track from GC), a prime time TV slot plus a good run on the Radio 2 A-List wasn’t bad at all for Flowers.
  12. I'd rather this happened than reforming as Sugababes. As the sound of 1.0 is so different from the sound of the Sugababes that most people know and the hits people would want to be sung at shows etc. It isn't going to wash trying to reinvent all the songs into the 1.0 style.

    It's not about headlines as no one is expecting Spice Girls levels of press. It's because the vast majority of people who ever went to a Sugababes gig would have seen Heidi singing these songs and they like her voice on the tracks. People are interested in the nostalgia, not new music as the vast majority of acts discover once they have split, etc. that ship has sailed.
  13. It's not bad but bear in mind that 97 % of the streams are coming from me.
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  14. Anyone else feel a constant exhaustion being a Sugababes fan?

    The constant repetition of us wondering what’s happening, the what ifs, what could have beens.

    I will continue to love and adore the girls but will focus on the back catalogue rather than get my hopes up for anything happening in the future.

    It this point, it feels though they have been on hiatus longer than they were together.

    I know, forever a optimist..
  15. No, but that’s because I don’t really put much of an focus on whether they release something or not. I’m a fan of the old music, I’m sure I’ll be a fan of the new music so whenever a release happens it happens.
  16. I suppose what I was meaning was more about the amount of times we have had a carrot on a stick which amounted to nothing, though most times not the girls fault
  17. It's the way they just do nothing and still go on living their best average income lifestyles.
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  18. Lots more rare performances, demos etc. being uploaded to this channel!

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  19. The choreography for the early Hole in the Head performances was off the scale
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