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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Did we not already know this info when Flowers was released? Or was that a different situation?
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  2. I'm delighted for them. Forever our Sugababes.
  3. They hadn't secured the rights legally, only applied for them (in fact if I recall correctly they hadn't even submitted their application yet). For some reason they were able to present themselves as Sugababes in that feature, but now they can legally release music themselves.
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  4. kal


    I’m pretty sure their premature use of the name actually played a key role in securing it.

    I’m truly happy for them. A pop justice, if there ever was one.
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  5. Bravo Keisha!
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  6. I don’t understand that stuff very much I have to admit but I guess we can be happy.... so let me stream One Touch and Flowers on repeat!
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  7. Didn't we had similar "news" again and again for the last couple of years? I'd be more excited to see them back in the studio.

    It's one more month until Overload turns 20. It'd be nice if they'd do something to celebrate but I'm not holding my breath.
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  8. We didn't. They have applied for the name multiple times, and the applications have gone through various stages, but only now they have legally secured it.

    This is huge because they'll be able to release music and tour under the Sugababes banner for the foreseeable future. It makes them infinitely more appealing to labels, and it also solidifies Mutya, Keisha, and Siobhan as the lineup that will remain active in the long term, as their company is the one with ownership on the name.

    It's basically a massive greenlight to their plans.
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  9. There better be a bloody tour now!
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  10. Even something as small as an acoustic performance of Overload uploaded on the official Sugababes channel would be a great way to nicely start the 'comeback'/anniversary celebrations.

    I mean the girls could even recreate the original video for next to no budget, which would be a fun way to create buzz but I could see the girls not enjoying that idea.
  11. All the videos reuploaded on the official youtube channel in HD and full length and then on the anniversary date an acoustic set of 3 songs or something. That would be fun.
  12. Hopefully Whitney kicks them into gear to do something special for the anniversary online now
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  13. Yeah, if this is similar to American law (and I'm reaching here slightly), releasing Flowers under Sugababes could have really been a test for using the name and getting rights. Where if it all went wrong, they could know before pushing original, new music. I don't totally remember how this path works in the US, but I do remember learning about something similar to this tactic.
  14. At long last. I hope that they can finally put everything behind them and release and tour successfully (i.e. make themselves enough money to continue to create brilliant music). I would imagine they have been savvy enough to have some things ready 'to go' so that when they do get the green light, a lot will come at once.
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  15. I've been listening to Lay Down in Swimming Pools for the past two days, this should've been huge
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  16. Does anyone have a recommended playlist order for all of the MKS demos?
  17. This song got way more attention than Flatline. Imagine if it was a single. It attracted a lot of the urban and hetro market that’s for sure.
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  18. This song still slaps.
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  19. Are we not allowed to talk about Mutyas recent social media posts at all? Her being totally indoctrinated by this whole QAnon stuff makes me really worried. These conspiracy theories can be like a drug...
  20. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I think we've sufficiently covered that subject at length, and we all know she's pretty far gone.

    Her Instagram stories at the moment are (1) her talking about "satanic torture for kids and rape", (2) her telling @vikileigh she looks like she has chlamydia, (3) a passive-aggressive post about #SaveOurChildren, and (4) a photo of some signs saying "face masks are banned from this studio" and "the real pandemic is pedophillia [sic]".

    I think we can all agree that these are stupid, badly judged posts that indicate that she's buying into a series of dangerous conspiracy theories.

    But what else is there really to say on the matter?
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