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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Denial honestly deserved to be another top ten for them.
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  2. Denial is a horrible Sugababes single.
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  3. the irony.

  4. We contain multitudes
  5. We weren't recreating the video, just paying tribute to the song.
  6. Was Denial the one with the butchered lyrics in the booklet or liner or whatever it’s called???
  7. I was in the car this morning doing my daily commute and 2 of the best Sugababes songs came on Spotify, one after another!

    Like the Weather and Disturbed.

    Love them!
  8. I think that was In The Middle.
  9. Nah. No reissues. New music please.
  10. Love to hear MKS come back with a song like ungodly hour by Chloe x Halle.

    do we think they will do anything to mark the 20th anniversary or will they just use Covid as a new excuse?
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  11. Yes.
  12. kal


    Randomly remembered this video so I’m posting It here.

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  13. Keisha remains to only Sugababe to never write, answer nor even read any of my messages to her. She probably gets loads and loads though, would still be nice never mind.
  14. “..Also includes Mutya Bueno.”

  15. I don’t mind if it’s a reissue for the fans. Like if it’s a surprise gift and thank you. With new music following after it.

    But a reissue, and another 78 years of waiting for new material is a no no no no no no!
  16. Just been re-listening to the leaked MKS tracks and really think it some of the best material produced by any of the line ups or eras. I find it really charming that some of the songs that have signature Siobhan lyrics and melodies have some of the most powerful moments by Mutya. I suspect that Siobhan's writing is at its best when she has Mutya's vocals in mind.
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  17. I didn’t make this ,but I love it! Can so picture all the girls in the About you now video. 3BBB8E78-4DBE-4833-A53E-E05629128665.jpeg
  18. Poor Siobhan!
  19. What in Real Housewives world... (probably the best series of the show).

    But seriously, the styling for MKS is by far the best. It was effortlessly cool, young, and sexy. And given that it's been years already, looking back, it still looks fresh. This [base] image just reminded me that the Change era styling aged them horribly.
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  20. I still love this. 149BB220-F569-4ED4-9D0B-5E21323392F8.jpeg
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