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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I’m having a “look at me” moment today... what a gorgeous song. I love it
  2. The way they invented garage with this one..whew

    we're going
  3. Wow, they all are really glowing. Beautiful women.

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  4. Plus the way that Keisha and Siobhán's current voices resonate against each other is just out of this world.
  5. Every time Heidi pops up on Instagram I'm stunned and delighted that she found a man who smiles as much as she does.
  6. She looks incredible. What a gorgeous family. Ironically, her styling herself is far better than anything she wore in Sugababes.
  7. ddd the one clinging on for dear life below the other three.
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  8. Amelle is looking stunning lately!
  9. I'm so happy that Heidi got her baby and her sexy smiley man.
  10. GCZ


    Get sexy, or die trying
  11. Do we know if anything is actually happening for the overload anniversary?
  12. There were plans but I imagine they've been postponed.
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  13. Do we think there will be any recognition of the anniversary?
  14. The way Mutya is currently posting 'Covid19 is a hoax' anti-masking bullshit... maybe for the best!
  15. Overload 2020 is a hoax!
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  16. Oh I’ve unfollowed her which is a real shame lol
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  17. Well what do you expect actually?
    I‘d say don‘t hold your breath.

    What would be nice tough is them performing Overload acoustically or some other One Touch tracks and maybe a track by track interview. Surely that wouldn’t be to hard to do, just them in a room on three stools, with a nice background and the One Touch flower in the corner hehe
    They could call it the Overload sessions or something. They could‘ve pre-recorded that a long time ago. One can dream..
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  18. There is stuff they CAN do within a pandemic, but this is one time I’m willing to wait. We all know at the very least we would’ve had a tour this fall had none of this mess happened. I don’t blame them Or BTS issues for any of this.

    Now what they CAN do:

    1. Roll out an acoustic set on YouTube.
    2. Do a digital release of unreleased stuff.
    3. Release an expanded One Touch

    Personally I wish they’d at least do the acoustic set, but like I said, I’m okay waiting this time. Let them release something first quarter of next year and announce a tour for the end of 2021.
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  19. Keisha has done an ask me anything type video for her latest YouTube which will be online tmrw. In it she has answered my question of why the long delay since flatline. Hope she’s truthful
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  20. It was more of a generalised question to be honest.

    They could easily record a small acoustic set or something. It would be pointless celebrating Overload after the event? Perhaps we focus on the One Touch album release? Could they throw something together by November?
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