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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Ahhh how has it been 20 years? How was I only 12 when this came out?
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  2. I heard about plans anniversary releases last week, but I felt it was going to be too late for the anniversary. Maybe something is happening?
  3. Feels like a missed opportunity - are we blaming leaks or rona this week haha?
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  4. “Too Late”? No one who is going to buy it is gonna care if it’s not released exactly on the anniversary date.
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  5. Is it that time again to talk about how important and - yes goddammit - seminal Overload was for many of us pop fans on this forum?
  6. Overload will forever slay! It’s a timeless song that’s not aged.

    Shocked it wasn’t their first number 1.
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  7. Chart wise it only got to #27 (Round Round #13, Hole In The Head #25, Push The Button #3, Ugly #13, Red Dress #22).

    The song remains amazing.
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  8. The bass line always reminded me of Jefferson Airplane’s iconic “White Rabbit” but it’s still a fantastic song and an iconic debut that set them apart from girlbands at the time.
  9. Good to see all three girls posting about the anniversary, even Siobhan!
  10. I like the fact the Siobhan is keeping things simple, a low profile. After all she never wanted to be famous and doesn‘t see herself as a crlebrity.
  11. Aww, what a sweet post. Glad they acknowledged it!

    Time to revisit the One Touch album (again)...
  12. To think that we would have got something new from them today and throughout the rest of the year if Corona wouldn't have happened is devastating.

    Overload remains a absolute classic and deserves all the praise it gets!
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  13. Would we though?
  14. Me too!

    She is such a mystery these days.
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  15. Mutya reposted my ‘Overload’ instastory! Yes, I do know she re-shares literally everything she’s being tagged on but it warmed my heart a little bit, I won’t lie.
  16. So, are we getting some kind of reissue of One Touch?
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  17. E6492DD4-E041-47BE-8261-1DFC22E71A09.gif
  18. So they gave the fans nothing as predicted. They really couldn’t care less. Fans should do the same. More lies about the leaks ruining everything
  19. It's not like they could do much this year, especially when it seemed the biggest part of their plans was to tour.
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