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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. The expression still sends me ddd

    I just know Mutya turned up late to this shoot and didn’t know what was going on
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  2. Those are the rumors apparently. It was either going to be a reissue or One Touch rerecorded. However, it is all a mystery at the moment. There was going to be a 20th anniversary small tour at the end of this year too, but Covid-19.

    By the time our girls are ready to go again, I bet aliens will land on earth next.
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  3. SCREAM!

    Let us revisit the iconic anecdotes from that article.

    Honestly Mutya....

  4. MNEK interviewed in Attitude
    Projects with an S!
  5. Oh motherfucker now I have to have hope again.
  6. kal


    Both Mabel and Sugababes?! I AM SHOOK.
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  7. I’m here for that...
  8. There has been photos of them together in the studio pre-covid, right? I doubt they've recorded anything new since then...
  9. Considering all their music leaked the last time, they’d be smart to let us think they haven’t been recording anything.
  10. That would be smart indeed. It isn't what they do though. This year, starting on the 15 of January they posted pictures from the studio from over 7 recording sessions. The last one on the 12th of March with Loxe and Kabba (days before the first lockdown). Many of these pictures and videos were also posted by writes and producers. You'd pretty much also find pictures to every recording session from the MKS years. Judged by that and everything that happend the last couple of years I'd say we always have a pretty good idea when and if they had been in the studio together. And I guess it's save to say that it hasn't happened since March. They stopped recording once everything about the anniversary-plans got uncertain.
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  11. Mnek and the Sugababes 12C7AF2E-A2DF-4371-9440-B20F0BDBD0B4.jpeg
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  12. kal


  13. I will be interviewing Mutya tonight so if you want to ask our Real Girl a question, get it in now!
  14. I totally feeling MNEK’s music lately. The man is gifted. I hope his vocals also feature on the Sugababe stuff.
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  15. Having a moment to Unbreakable Heart tonight.

    This is how it begins
    With a smile, give an inch
    Take a mile, then again
    What's another little sin?

    Is such a lovely moment. I really like the way Heidi used her voice in the Catfights era. She has such a gorgeous tone.
  16. I am really hoping something happens today, and or some sort of exciting announcement.

    I am not holding my breath

    Happy 20th Anniversary to the Sugababes for One Touch, and all you fans out there that have held on for 84 years.
  17. Happy 20th anniversary to one of my favourite albums ever!

  18. Happy 20th Birthday One Touch.
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  19. kal


    Happy anniversary, and if this is one of those days that 2020 has set up to disappoint us again, I...

    *old man yells at clouds*
  20. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    As expected, a couple of Instagram stories from Keisha and a load of shares by Mutya. Happy birthday, see you next year for the next round of holding our breath!
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