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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Living for the comments.
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  2. Haha at Jade sharing it.
  3. Yes! My favorite track. A single mix closer to the live sound would’ve done it wonders. Definitely would’ve been a controversial choice.
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  4. Imagine the uproar if it comes out as an 8 track mini album.
  5. kal


  6. Keisha dropping her new YouTube video at 12noon ha ha her videos are even late how is that even possible.

    Typical of a Libra...
  7. I feel attacked.
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  8. Haha I’m a Libra too and I get it
  9. I really loved watching this, that and the Overload one from a while ago. I wonder if she’s gonna do more reactions to their music videos/performances?
  10. I hope so. I wonder if she'll react videos all the way to Get Sexy...
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  11. That would be amazing!
  12. I am hoping for a Freak Like Me reaction.

    I would be interested to hear about how the song came about to be..
  13. Probably something along the lines of a record label exec heard the original mash-up sometime after Adina Howard passed on releasing a version with her original vocal and then they decided it was a perfect fit for the Sugababes to record and release.

    Richard X has mentioned that he initially wanted to have Adina’s vocals for release but she declined.
  14. I think she might do Run for cover, Soul sound and Flatline. I wish she woud react to 2.0 and maybe even 3.0 videos but i wouldnt be so sure.
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  15. I don’t find this meme to be funny at all.
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  16. From a little underrated category
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  17. This was a discovery for me when I got into this album a couple months ago. I had completely ignored it before, but it's a great deep cut.
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