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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Mutya sings it here at 6:18

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  2. The irony of her knowing this song, which she didn’t even release and her not knowing the majority of the Sugababes back catalogue - love Mutya
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  3. I didn't know that Amelle was divorced. When did that happen?
  4. I recall it was exactly a year ago but they we‘re separated sometime before already I think.

    In her own words..

    Speaking about filing for divorce Amelle revealed to OK Magazine! that she was the one who broached it, out of the blue, at the start of January, just two weeks before her mother's death.
    'He knew it too. I just happened to be the one to say it first. It had to end. There was no point,' later adding: 'It wasn't such a massive loss to me.' 'It should have been done a year earlier,' as she admitted that the pair had become more like friends.
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  5. Ahhh... it was a moment that Mutya and I had a debrief over yesterday. I was not very present but I still came to play. Next time I’ll actually be lucid!
  6. Why does Amelle have so few followers?
  7. Instagram wasn’t really a thing when she was bigger in the public eye.
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  8. Never Gonna Dance Again really should have been a single but imagine if it had made Taller In More Ways... Wow, that would have been epic. What a waste of a great track. Though from that video clip above, it seems like Keisha didn't like it all that much.
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  9. Fair to say a lot of Sugababe could have been kick ass singles: ace reject ; never gonna dance dance again, gotta be you; one foot in; promises; conversations over; and etc.
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  10. Just me that also really loves Situations Heavy?
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Situation's Heavy is in their all time top 5 for me xx
  12. Just randomly remembered LaToya Jackson asking Mutya about doing "backing vocals" for George Michael and Mutya telling her it was a duet actually!.
  13. I'd love Never Gonna Dance Again as a single (and i would love to hear Mutya's version) but i also wouldnt mind My Love Is Pink.
    It sounds great live despite the low quality of the video
  14. I love My Love Is Pink. It's like the sequel to Red Dress. Love them both. I just wish Keisha didn't sing "butthole tight." I know she doesn't say it, but that's what I hear every time. I've even played it for non-Sugababes fans and they are like "did she just say butthole tight?"
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  15. I always sing it as 'butthole tight' too!
  16. Pink shouldn’t have been a promo single, but they should have at least made a music video + promo for it.
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  17. I've always thought Switch would have made a really good single (with a new mix, with some added production flourishes) or even a feature. The video could have been all sorts of tongue-in-cheek fun.
  18. I was bopping along to No Can Do (Wawa Club Remix) this morning. Tune!
  19. More Than a Million Miles always felt like it could have been a single to me. Maybe with a slight 'single edit' or something.
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  20. Forgive the semi-spam but I did an MKS epsiode of my podcast and thought some of you might be interested - this site and forum comes up a bit as it's a key part of the saga, of course. Hope you enjoy if you listen, would love to hear what you think!

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