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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I’ll even go as far to say it might be my favorite. And if you don’t respect it... I’ll kick with my Jimmy Choo’s!
  2. Island

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    Red Dress is the definition of a standard pop song with an artist's name written all over it. It kind of could have been recorded by anyone, but the vocals and their sassy delivery have really made it their own. It's definitely one of my favorite singles by them.

    I feel like Red Dress would be a great lip sync song. Make it happen!

    And it's the only one I can actually kind of easily sing half-decently ddd.
  3. Yeah I’m happy to go out on a limb and say it’s my favourite Sugababes song. It’s solid gold pop perfection.
  4. It’s just catchy AF
  5. Yes I have a mirror disco ball which I got around the time of the video.

    Have i been known to bring this out when I’m a little bit tipsy and try to recreate the video, perhaps.



  7. How is this song 15 years old?
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  8. Heidi looks so good in the Red Dress music video.
  9. Red Dress is genuinely my favourite Sugababes single.
  10. Happy to see all this Red Dress love!

    This is my favourite live performance. Love the encouraging cheer the crowd give to Amelle when she starts her solo.

  11. I also love In the middle.
  12. Any thoughts on the extended version?
  13. The only version I listen to.
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  14. My scruff bio
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  15. Of “Red Dress”? It’s... fine. I don’t use it much though the inclusion of the flourish found after the first chorus being present in the extended mix was a nice surprise.

    The fan edit of “In The Middle” that inserts the extra Heidi verse from the Gravitas remix over a cheap karaoke track into the album version? Awful.

    I know it’s a polarizing opinion but Amelle’s vocals really elevate the song into a showstopper for me. The way she sings it makes me feel it could easily be the highlight of a stage musical.
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  16. Yeah, Amelle’s vocal definitely beefed Red Dress up. It was a pretty solid introduction to her into the group I’d say! At least I think that was the first single they pushed with her?
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  17. Yep! It was the first 3.0 single.
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  18. Genuinely thrilled to see all of this Red Dress love. Deserved!

    I’ve always felt that In The Middle and Red Dress are two sides of the same coin.
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  19. Interesting.... B5CB2AB6-B94A-4777-8DFF-FA3D4D92A834.jpeg

    But fake news.
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