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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. It's actually funny because Little Mix as a three-piece gives me huge Sugababes 2.0 vibes in terms of success and music. I do think their next era (LM) is going to be massive.
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  3. Oh my..! I literally forgot about this haha I really did! But again I believe this was a case of the record company deciding to do this as they saw it as a good move wich it was at the time, rather than them themselves. It was also for Comic Relief wich is a good cause obviously, so win win on both sides.
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  6. And who can forget when Dusty joined them!

  7. Speaking of Katy Brand, what the hell happened to her first Sugababes parody? The one that “predicted” all the originals getting replaced? It’s seemed to have vanished from YouTube.
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  8. Good.
  10. What ever happened to Katy Brand, she seems to have vanished herself?
  11. Ahh, geoblocked. Thanks!
  12. Also the amazing love letters duet they did that everyone adored
  13. You keep forgetting their best collaboration:

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  14. Spiral is such a huge song
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  15. Entertainment and Spiral are up there for me.
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  16. Spiral is the best collaboration is all of Sugababes history, closely followed by Song 4 Mutya.
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  17. kal


    Someone is really committed to the Sugababes & Little Mix working together theory.

    I randomly found this:

    It's not anything related to Sugababes, but the uploader would like us to think that.
  18. To be honest...does it matter if they colaborate with Little Mix or anyone else? We will take ANYTHING at this point. They just need to start releasing music.
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