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Sugababes - One Touch (20 Year Anniversary Edition) / General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I keep always going back to their version of Flowers more than the original. It felt like this song should have been theirs in the first place.
  2. kal


    Here, for visibility.

  3. Wait, what is this story about Mutya’s attic? Nn
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  4. What other girlband albums have received the same treatment? It seems to be rare to consider girlband albums worthy of this treatment. If only Spice Girls would open their vaults...
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  5. Spice Girls anniversary album editions are a must.
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  6. I love how active this thread is, I haven't had a chance to fully take this in, but I just want a weekend where it's all about Sugababes and nothing but Sugababes.
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    I don’t remember where it came from, but Mutya’s mum allegedly keeps cassettes of all the early Sugababes demos in her attic.
  8. Thank you for the info, @kal!
    I had no idea there was another sampler for "One Touch".
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  9. But we need someone to raid that attic then!!
  10. Exactly this.
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    I never got round to posting it on discogs. The story was that said PJ member was visiting their mum, who it turned out was neighbors with Shiv’s mum, who lent them the CD. I hope I haven’t altered any details since this was years ago.

    I don’t know if this is even considered a sampler, or just a really rare promo CD given to a relative by someone from the team.
  12. Was "Trk 1 Copied From Cassette Source" an antipiracy measure or something? I've always wondered how "Soul Sound" came about. The presence of outside backing vocals (Lamya, Xavier Barnet) made me think it might date from when two of MKS were being developed as solo acts. If the Alternative Version has a Mutya lead, I will expire.
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  13. I have never heard Sometimes with music and it’s kind of weird to do so now. The a capella version is burned into my brain.
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  14. Wow, that's literally buried treasure. Who knows how many of these extremely rare CDs are in existence...

    I remember being surprised when hearing it for the first time, too - the instrumental that the vocals are paired with is so random, yet it works.
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  15. Probably the easiest vinyl purchase I’ve made. So amazing to finally get a new Sugababes product <3.

    I hope this will lead to them pressing their whole discography.
  16. This is the interesting part for me, since the rest of their output was with Island. Will they get round to those albums? Will Heidi get involved in anniversary interviews eventually? Or will MKS re-record? Given their complicated history, nothing is certain.
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  17. And singles even. Would love the early Spice singles with b-sides on wax.
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  18. Does anyone more in-the-know what the fate of the MKS songs will be? There are just so many great ones that I'd love to hear them finish and release but they're pretty old at this point.
  19. From what they've said and subliminal'd on socials they are probably scrapped – they were pretty upset and annoyed they leaked in full and I can't imagine they'd want to revisit them, particularly as they're pretty old now. I doubt any of them will see the light of day outside of the leaked versions.
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  20. They sold one to Bananarama x
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