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Sugababes - One Touch (20 Year Anniversary Edition) / General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. This video was on the loop a lot in Australia at the time, and I always thought it was an official single. I only found out not long ago it was not a single at all. As well as getting the lyrics wrong ha!

    The video was always on Tv Hits and Rage channel.
  2. kal


    Well, I caved and bought it.
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  3. Pressed that this wasn't on the album.

  4. Pressed this wasn't a worldwide smash!

    Although I remember hearing it before the PJ/Siobhan Donaghy/BWO etc. gig in 2007 and feeling like I was finally among my people!
  5. Oh my god. I've never heard this before. They were untouchable that era, honestly.
  6. Happy birthday, gorgeous!

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  7. Three is a fucking untouchable era, to be honest. 'Who' sounds like a massive smash hit and it has been hidden as a bside for years.
  8. ADM


    I really just love how someone in charge of the social media is taking care to keep the little flourished in the corners consistent with previous and following posts.
  9. Especially THAT flower.
  10. The cats anus is getting so much love.
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  11. Happy Birthday Siobhan.

    I am listening to Flatline on loop!

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  12. Did anyone appreciate this song to a whole different level when it was taken off streaming platforms?

  13. I accidentally find this demo on YouTube after listening to Who.
    It sounds like a finished song to my ears, rather good indeed. I will never understand why some songs get lost...
  14. Tease is an absolute banger of a track, I hope one day we get it properly mastered.
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  15. Never heard this song before. It has a Honeyz sound to it (talk to the hand).
  16. Same Old Story (Blood Orange Remix) now has a track length listed on iTunes. Hopefully that means it’s being released this week.
  17. Three is to be honest my favourite era.
  18. @Fanatical
    You‘re probably thinking about them performing Shape on a programme called Lowdown, wich was around the time when Shape was released, they also performed a cover of Seal‘s "Killer" aswell wich was with a live band & a studio crowd. The Shape performance doesn‘t seem to be around anymore.

    @MusicalMelody About that One Foot In performance, I don‘t think there was an actual music video planned although One Foot In was meant to be their debut single initially but was scraped for Overload instead. Planet Pop was the precursor of Popworld and the plain white room/background apart from the shows logo on the floor you see there, was one of their studio settings at the time. They made it look like a music video, all the artists & bands that used to perform on Planet Pop did that. The girls also performed Overload & New Year on PP with different settings. I‘ve never ever seen it playing on any music channels though.

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  19. I think it might be! What a shame it is no longer available!

    edit: found it!
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