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Sugababes - One Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Heidi's 'I Cant Hear You'
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  2. Island

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    Was this Heidi’s first performance?
  3. Million Different Ways is one of their very best.
  4. I’ve never seen this performance of MDW before! Amazing.
  5. My favourite part of the song and one of my hightlights of Three. Thanks for posting this, I never actually knew they ever performed it live.
  6. It definitely wasn‘t the first time they‘ve performed with Heidi, as for the first, televised performance of Freak I‘m not quite sure you can find the whole half of that CDUK episode on Youtube, someone just cut out the performance and uploaded it again, in that the performance doesn’t get introduced as a world exclusive etc. like they usually do, so I assume it wasn‘t the very first one but definitely one of the first.
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  7. Okay this has to be the most random thing in a long, long while I have to say.. But hey get that Australian promo Amelle!
  8. BEYOND Random..........I have no idea why Australia just thought ok lets call Amelle. Why did they not do this when Flowers or Flatline was out?

    Also, I'm giggling at how the hosts are struggling. They have no idea about the Sugababes, and relying on the auto que cards.
  9. I’ve been on a massive Sugababes binge this past week and generally looking into a lot of their history. For some reason, I never researched the line up change situations and what hardships the band faced throughout their activity. Most recently, I've been looking into to the whole Keisha / Jade swap. In this 2700-page thread, I'm sure it's been discussed a million times and I hate to be that guy. But, does anyone have a clear timeline on why Keisha was properly kicked out? I think I've read that they all flew to the States for the About A Girl shoot where the event happened and Jade was flew in shortly after?

    ALSO... The Bruno Mars co-wrote and produced a chunk of Sweet 7? Mess!
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  10. Before he had a hit yes.
  11. The story that Jade was already in the US, sat in the hotel awaiting the call clarifying which member she was replacing, and was given the wrong cd to study will never leave my mind.
  12. I recommend you checking their interviews from at least a few years after 4.0 disbanded, because the press and the girls' own words at the time were heavily controlled by the management.

    This video will give you some insight, not on the timeline of events, but on the reality behind the scenes with the label and the press:
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  13. To be honest we still dont know what, how and why things happened back in 2009 and it doesnt look like any of the girls is willing to tell us anytime soon or ever really. Its probably something personal that involved all 3 girls (moreso Amelle and Keisha than Heidi but she's in it too) and their management. Speculating never really took us anywhere. Timeline wise it was just few days in September and it all started with Amelle missing the promotional campaign
  14. It honestly amazes me that any of these 6 women have any positive associations with their time as Sugababes...
    The more insight we get after the fact, the more everything just seemed so miserable behind the scenes...
  15. To be fair, the same could be said for all artists. The music industry politics have always sounded like an absolute nightmare.
  16. Oh the debacle. Drama just followed these girls.

    Thank god we got to enjoy their music over the years.
  17. I'm sure there are NDAs or something in place regarding what happened. I'm just glad Keisha seems to have made peace with it all!
  18. They had a lot of success though and apart from the lineup change times they also had a lot of great times. Each lineup faced different difficulties. 1.0 were very young and clearly unprepared for fame and everything that comes with it. 2.0 saw end when Mutya just couldnt continue on a heavy schedule dealing with her first, newborn daugther while also facing depression. 3.0 on the other hand were the hardest working lineup. Ever since Amelle joined they were always doing something: recording, shooting videos, promoting, performing, touring. They had no time to breathe or take a break from eachother and when the tensions grew a lot... well we saw how it ended.
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