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Sugababes - One Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. kal


    Aside from London de-listing theirs.. I’d say there’s no easy way. You’d have to know how YouTube’s algorithm works, which is somewhat a black box.

    I assume if the Sugababes upload gets more views in a shorter span of time, and adds relevant keywords (if they’re missing) it would be possible. But still not guaranteed.

    Edit: I went to check the keywords on both videos, and I have to scream.


    One Touch
    Mutya Buena
    Keisha Buchanan
    Siobhan Donaghy
    Over Load
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  2. They shouldn't have reuploaded it as a separate video when the original has millions of views. They should have gone through London and have the original video replaced. It's really irrelevant though? It's not like this remaster is any good.
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  3. The Soul Sound remaster looks so crisp.

    Damn, the curse of the Sugarbabes.
  4. kal


    Funny, I’ve been ripping and backing up all my Sugababes CDs in lossless, and most of the enhanced singles, and the Australian version of One Touch, all have the enhanced partition containing a folder or file called “sugarbabes”.

    Also, these HD remasters don’t look crisp to me at all. There is so much artificial smoothing on their faces, it just looks like they upscaled the videos, and ran them through FaceTune.
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  5. I noticed the upscaling, too. I'm not sure what else they could do, though - were music videos in the 1990s preserved with stuff like this in mind?
  6. I mean, there's a pretty good Tom Scott video that explains why most music video remasters aren't as high-quality as you think:

    There are a few good remasters out there, mainly for ones that were shot on actual film and which actually took time and effort to do, like the ones for A-ha's "Take On Me", Notorious B.I.G's "Juicy", Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" and, as Tom mentioned in the video, "Last Christmas". There's a few pretty good fan channels out there that do quality remasters with AI upscaling too.
  7. I rarely watch a music video nowadays and when u do it’s a bit like watching a vcr - something nostalgic about old YouTube videos.
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  8. The Soul Sound Mm Mmm!
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  9. Off topic… (or lineup should I say)

    Looking for Sugababes 4.0 performance of Freedom at t4 (I think).

    They were dressed it white, have had a loook at the usual places but can’t locate it.

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  10. I'm obsessed with this lately. I actually think it could have been a good single.

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  11. I'm trying to improve that super iffy overly sharpened Soul Sound upscale. Finally pulled my finger out the other day and got some software I've had my eye on for ages. It's slowly being uploaded to YouTube as we speak, but it's 4k and also 50fps instead of the official channel's 1080p at 25fps. There are some glitches in the video as I've based it off London Records’ original upload from a few years ago including one that was done by the 50fps conversion, but I'll leave this image for a basic 1:1 comparison as my internet slowly uploads the 42GB file.

    Hopefully it'll be viewable by the public once it's done and not instantly removed by copyright blah-ness.

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  13. Still should not have been a single, but as the years have gone by this really really is a gorgeous and stunning song by the babes. I would love if they perform this song again, and or remix it up?

    The video quality is lush life.
  14. I love Soul Sound. They sound amazing on it. I personally don't think any song they released at that point would have been a massive hit.
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  15. This video of the Buffy DVD remaster also helps explain some of the issues like the over-smoothing of faces:

    (TLDW: They used a computer to try and remove the grain/imperfections, and dialled the settings too high, making everyone look plastic.)
  16. So weird. Why do they feel the need to mess about with things so much. Have they not learnt from the evils of George Lucas and his constant tinkering?!!
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  17. Any idea when the next track will drop?
  18. kal


    Last one was on a Tuesday so maybe next Tuesday.
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  19. cu
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