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Sugababes - One Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I like the vibe of it but something has gone terribly wrong with the chorus. Hideous.
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  2. After reading the comments. I'm really afraid to listen to this remix.
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  3. Don't be, I'm listening to the remix now and it's fine to me. Very garage-y
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  4. Overload (Metronomy Remix) sounded so promising on paper, but this really ain't it.

    That aside, I'm pretty impressed by the remixes' numbers on Spotify. Both the Run For Cover and Same Old Story ones are at around 500k plays, which is definitely a lot more than what I would have expected for what I thought were pretty niche releases.
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  5. This is demonically bad!
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  6. Metronomy remix is fine for a little garage moment, but it being in the wrong key is not it.
    I prefer the Run For Cover remix to the original
  7. Sharpening my talons if they bring this level of hideousness to their new work with Jessie Ware…
  8. A palette cleanser!

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  9. I would have preferred if they just took some tracks and re-recorded them with a fresh spin/ re- imagined vibe (as opposed to just a remix).

    1- run for cover with MNEK duet (rerecorded all together)

    2 - overload rerecord + whatever they can cook up (esp since Keisha and Siobhan were the only ones on the chorus)

    3 - promises rerecorded with Dev Hynes giving us a beat like flatline / losing you / lay down in swimming pools. A darker vibe sound.

    4 - one foot in rerecorded with a fresh modern backing + the extra verse they originally had that was never released. Maybe turned in to a ballad with strings?
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  10. It's actually fine. Guess you were right.
  11. I can already imagine the babes' reaction hearing it for the first time.


    Adore the UKG beats though!
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  12. 4525A712-EF2F-49AC-82AB-7CA3BDD27D28.jpeg 64EEB9DE-AF79-4708-A304-9CA909B47B54.jpeg
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  13. ‘Comments are turned off’ ddddd
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  14. This fanbase...
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  15. Also 'in the wrong key'... most remixes change keys, it's why they are called remixes.
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  16. What they've done to the chorus is a bit unexpected but I really love the 'I'm on overload' bits. It's fine for a garage remix.
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  17. Their point wasn't "they've changed the key of the song", they were saying "the acapella and instrumental aren't the same key."
  18. Still, remixes will do that. Do we really think Metronomy, an award winning band made a 'mistake' because the song isn't as close to the original as possible?
  19. It’s ok as far as remixes go.

    I thought the same when it came to the Blood Orange Remix - I love it now.
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  20. Yeah, that's quite jarring and not nice to the ear.
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