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Sugababes - One Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. You've waited 20 years for new remixes? They're just meant to be celebratory, we're all free to take or leave them.
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  2. RRS


    We have all waited a long time for new music. Calm down! It’s fine though I will just leave them. I’m sure there will be something that I enjoy more if they release something new.
  3. The only good thing about this mix is that very cool retro yet fresh snapshot that they’ve used as the artwork, from a photoshoot wich is unseen to me :))
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  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I'm half-tempted to get the CD now...
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  5. Phew the new remix is almost as bad as the Blood Orange one! These are just not it. Thank goodness for MNEK.
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  6. The remix sounds great during the chorus at 2 minutes in but the rest is hard to listen to because of the key, such a shame as I like what they were going for!
  7. I agree. I’m a huge Metronomy fan, and I’m confused as to why this happened. Like, what would be the impetus for intentionally ignoring compatible chords. A low budget or a favor doesn’t mean suddenly not knowing what to do with harmony.

    Personally, I thrive on dissonance, but this just sounds like a mistake. :/ And it’s a shame because, like you, I love the new map taken for the song!

    Even if it’s not for me, I’m glad others enjoy it.
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  8. It’s a very disappointing mix for such an iconic song. I don’t believe anyone that truly likes or loves this mix. I mean the idea for it is good, but the final execution didn’t come together. Even reading the non fans comments on this match up with what fans are saying.
  9. Who asked for new remixes in the first place?
    I think we all would have preferred them doing new 2021 acoustic versions of the songs so their vocals can shine through in the modern day.
    Not this distorted mess that removes the best parts of the classic tracks we're supposed to be celebrating.
  10. RRS


    Exactly. I get they are celebrating 20 years of one touch, but it’s already perfect. Why add this mess on? It’s beyond me.
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  11. kal


    Some of us wanted extra material like unreleased tracks and rarities. The new remixes are just a bonus. It’s not that deep.

  12. I mean, I’ll be buying the bundle but it doesn’t make this remix any less poorly done. It’s a shame because the MNEK remix is so good.
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  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I wish the bridge/middle 8 was worked into the remix though.
  14. The MNEK remix, is just genius.
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  15. I think everyone is just happy to be getting something, so we're prepared to overlook the fact that the remixes are, at best, unnecessary, and at worst, not great. If this is the stepping stone to brand new material, I'm all for it, but will I be using any of these? Probably not.
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  16. I know to a lot of people, and maybe fans that have not been around as long as some of us, we probably look very dramatic and not grateful. But in fairness, we been waiting since 2011-2012 with let down after letdown. I am not blaming the girls either, but it has been a very frustrating process. Especially when we all know how f talented the Sugababes are, and how much they deserve success and recognition.

    I feel the Abba and maybe Rihanna fans would know our frustrations on waiting
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  17. kal


    Coming back to this for a moment, because I forgot something relevant.

    The enhanced partition of the CD2 version of Stronger / Angels With Dirty Faces includes a snippet of a live performance of Stronger, which is not listed in the track list. I’m using a Mac, and unfortunately most of the enhanced CDs have their partition scheme set up in HFS, which is not supported anymore in macOS. So I’m using a terminal application that lets me mount the partitions, and browse the files through the command line.

    I was curious if said Stronger video shows up on Windows, or when you view the enhanced partition “properly”? And if not, maybe I should upload it somewhere so it can be identified by someone more knowledgeable than myself.
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  18. l always forget how good this is. I never cared for the song, but the Sugababe's version made me a fan of both Lorde's and their version.

    I would love if they did more reload stuff.

  19. I really like their version of Swimming Pools. It's a different vibe from the original (one of my all-time favourite songs), but it's a cool version.
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  20. I actually really dig the Metronomy mix of Overload.
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