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Sugababes - One Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.


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    I always thought it was "I'll secretly be mad".....we may never know then.
  2. The artwork is very…


    Looking at the positives, it’s nice to have a new compilation with some b-sides. At least one of the proper Sugababes fonts is used…..

    However, who do they have designing these things?! People who aren’t fans of the groups they do them for it seems! So many fans create better artwork. The content isn’t bad at all but the order is all over the place. Oh well, I’ll still purchase!
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  3. Mvnl

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    I guess not using an actual picture (or logo) may be cheaper?
  4. Internally howling at them trying to sidestep lineup drama by using a silhouette.
  5. A budget compilation in 2021? The cover is ugly so I’ll give it a skip.
  6. Get those 15p Supermarket mum royalty cheques, queens!
  7. 152C5BE2-9ADD-4E50-8846-40B8D5EB9B2B.gif

    If it’s nothing official from 1.0 and their team….pass!!!!!

    I just feel it’s a disrespect to the current line up, esp during One Touch reissue / cheap cash grab.
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  8. I'll probably still get that compilation for the hell of it. I weirdly don't hate the cover, but I do wish the third disc was a remix disc like the S Club one. That track listing is basically just "Sugababes discography on shuffle."
  9. That compilations is such a mess, but I'll be happy to get some more Sugababes music available to stream in the US. I'm actually glad it doesn't have any 1.0 material so they could make room for more songs. The majority of their music not being available to stream in the US makes it difficult when you wanna listen to their music because that's the ease of how we're used to listening to music. I don't even know if I have anything to listen to my cd's lol.
  10. I don’t think this will be on streaming - the recent S Club 7 one released through the same company didn’t end up online.
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  11. Don't break my heart like that!
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  12. I hope someone uploads it to YouTube, Flatline is such a harmony-based song that I'm so curious to see how it sounds with just Mutya!
  13. Nice to see 'Side Chick' on there, but no 'Every Heart Broken' = no sale!
  14. • The absolute chaos of "Miss Everything" daring to move down the block from "Maya".
    • The existential crisis of "Ace Reject" bleeding right into "Wear My Kiss".
    • The unintentionally relatable "y'know, I think I might just stay in tonight" mood of "Get Sexy Sometimes".
    • The fact I want to purchase this because it's fucking weird.

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  15. Miss Everything and Walk This Way are two of the worst pieces of so-called music ever committed to record. A grievous assault on the ears. I'd worry for the sanity of anyone who would voluntarily listen to either in 2021.
  16. I bop to Walk This Way from the time and think the video looks like they had a lot of fun filming it (well, Girls Aloud mostly).
  17. I have nostalgic love for “Walk This Way” that I realize no one else will ever share but putting it on the same level as the truly abysmal “Miss Everything” is going too far!

    Also, I wonder if we’re gonna get the original version of “Get Sexy” or the Jade Mix (or the haphazardly put together NOW Mix where it’s Jade’s vocals with Keisha’s “NOW”)
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  18. kal


    It'll be Get Sexy (DO NOT USE) and y'all will deal.
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