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Sugababes - One Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

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  2. So Abba have their new album coming out this November after many many years…..come on Sugababes….
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  3. I need to listen to this once in my life. I love Jade and her reworking the songs but her “NOW!” felt... flat to these ears.
  4. Worra palaver though. Seriously. CD 1 - hits, CD 2 b-sides/rare, CD 3 - remixes. There. It shouldn't be that easy to fuck up a tracklisting.

  5. Not a bad set overall despite odd sequencing I think.
  6. What is the connection?
  7. The sequencing is shot but I'll grab that compilation for the selection of b-sides/Teardrops.
  8. Both ABBA and Sugababes have taken 40 years since their last album.
  9. I feel like remixes, some of the lives and bsides were unnecesary. Unbreakable Heart, Sunday Rain, Sound of goodbye, Every heart broken, Crash and Burn and My love is pink shoul've been on it instead
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  10. Exactly this!
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  12. I’d have liked to see some more remixes too, but I’m keeping my order intact for now.

    The artwork reminds me of both a) theater posters that will accommodate various stars and b) the cover for that one Kylie collection that was a glorified torso.
  13. The difference is the Sugababes have also gone through 40 members.
    Imagine if it had "Mutyaaaa! Mutyaaaa!" as a hidden track.

    Really though, imagine being the person in charge of the tracklist and thinking half of these tracks have any business being on an album called "Essential." Could never be me.
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  14. SugABAbes was proof of the simulation theory, surely.
  15. Oh this was embarrassing.
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  16. kal


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  17. S̶̝̳̖͇̤̳͍͑̈̀̕͜͝O̷̧̭̰̜̩͛̇̚̕͠Ǒ̸̧̲͍͓̟̖̈́̇̀͂̿̾͌N̸̛̮̣̰̱͉̭̜̮͓̅̃̏͛̈́̈́
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  18. Not Drake sampling Get Sexy - tee hee
  19. What? Which song.
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  20. Is he too sexy to wear a 2 piece at the beach, that’s the question ima ask
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