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Sugababes - One Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. They sound absolutely incredible but that "dance routine" is hilariously bad. Yet they still somehow come off as being cool, I guess that's just part of what makes them so amazing.
  2. It really was.
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  3. Keisha looking amazing. I wonder what she/they’re up to.

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  4. C0035046-C048-4716-BA48-4209BA95D782.jpeg

    Me checking their posts everyday and waiting for news to drop
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  5. kal


    13 days to go. Can you believe how close we are to new (well, old but unheard) Sugababes music? It still feels so surreal.
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  6. I'm curious to hear your thoughts because I can't tell, but is this newly uploaded rip the same leak we've had for a couple years or is it in higher quality?

    Either way, this remains my favorite song from that era, and I'm still hoping they will do something with it in one way or another. Its sound is so timeless that it could be released in the current landscape and I wouldn't bat an eye.
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  7. Think all his uploads are in better quality dunno how?
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  8. SOON. Sooner or later it will be on Discogs or anywhere, we just have to be patient I believe. AND I'm stressed out too about it being an UK exclusive. I want this so bad...haha
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  9. B9C4DB3B-6725-497F-BC8C-76537F601230.jpeg I hope some of these other unreleased tracks also get released.
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  10. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I need Groove is Going On (Siobhan version).
  11. The line “I need some space tonight, so I can do this certain move” is probably even more unrealistic coming from Siobhan than it did Heidi nn
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  12. kal


    I still don’t believe Party in the Club & Groove is Going On are Siobhan tracks, or that those rumored versions exist.

    But having said that, I would love an HMV exclusive edition of the re-release with Date, Boys Will Be Boys, and/or Stop Look Listen.
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  13. Welp!

    The official lyric video has settled it officially as “our secret’s safe in bed”.
  14. kal


  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    It’s wild to me that they just… didn’t write it down
  16. Oh dear! Multiple mistakes in that.
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  17. kal


    That “you got me feeling bad” at the end kind of shits all over that settlement.
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  18. ''You got me feeling bad'' seriously?

    Bad sounds more like sad hhhmm
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  19. “Our secrets safe in bed” is also the lyrics from the official DVD karaoke section.

    I did always think it was “I just had to get out of there” not out of bed... but could just be a diction thing.

    Although, skipping school gotta walk for air I just had to get out of there makes sense. Out of bed doesn’t...
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